Irb guidance 2023-10-24
ByTejas Sathe
IRB guidance, one question at a time
GPT welcome message: Ready to explore IRB proposals step by step?
Sample prompts:
Can you help me determine if my study is exempt from IRB review?
Help me write an IRB in my institution's format
What are common mistakes in IRB proposals I should avoid?
Can we make this IRB proposal less painful and more fun?
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kIRBy is a GPT that is designed to provide guidance on Institutional Review Board (IRB) related queries. The tool orchestrates a chatbot experience built on ChatGPT technology and is highly useful in responding one query at a time pertaining to IRB guidance.

It has been developed by Tejas Sathe with an aim to simplify the complexities associated with IRB proposals and reviews. The GPT offers a handful of interactive options to the users, starting with a welcoming message that leads on to more targeted inquiries.

Users can seek help on whether their study could be exempted from IRB review, request assistance in writing their IRB proposals in their institution's specific format, and inquire about the common mistakes generally made in IRB proposals to avoid them.

This AI tool not only provides guidance on potentially complex IRB issues but also aims to make the entire proposal process less painful, engaging and insightful.

The versatility of kIRBy also extends to recommending ways to make the process more enjoyable for the users. It's important to note that usage of kIRBy requires ChatGPT Plus, highlighting its integration with advanced AI technology which powers its responses.

In essence, kIRBy is a detailed focused AI tool that aspirationally aims to foster a lesscomplicated way of exploring intricacies of IRB proposals and reviews while providing actionable advice.


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kIRBy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 4th 2024.
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