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Academic knowledge-sharing platform.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI knowledge platform designed for professionals and academics, which allows the user to upload their notes and papers to train the AI and transform it into an expert in their chosen fields.

It provides valuable insights and enhances productivity. Users can connect and collaborate with other users' AIs for collaborative learning, engaging with virtual tutors, professors, and thought leaders.

The platform offers a creator platform for users to create their own Parabrain.The tool allows users to train the AI with their own knowledge, and as a result, become an expert in their chosen field.

The platform offers collaborative opportunities, enabling users to interact with other users' AIs and learn from their insights. The tool also provides an opportunity for individuals or groups to create their own Parabrain and share it with offers a unique approach to learning, combining the use of AI and knowledge sharing.

It allows users to engage in the intellectual journey to new heights while enhancing productivity. Overall, is a productivity AI and knowledge platform that provides users with the opportunity to train their AI with their own knowledge and collaborate with others.


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Pros and Cons


Upload personal notes
Collaborative learning opportunity
Create your own Parabrain
Share Parabrain with others
Enhances productivity
Unique knowledge sharing
Intellectual journey enhancement
Platform for professionals and academics
Interaction with virtual tutors
Interconnection with thought leaders
Insights from various fields
A platform for creating
Knowledge training available
A creator platform
Multiple fields of expertise
Insights from personal notes
Interdisciplinary knowledge sharing
Revolutionizes traditional learning
Engaged and active learning
User driven expertise
Collaborative productivity enhancement


Limited trained expertise
Privacy concerns in sharing
Limited collaboration mechanisms
Lack of personalization options
Risk of incorrect insights
No interaction with non-users
Using user data for training
Dependency on user’s knowledge


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What kind of insights can I gather from
Can be used as a virtual tutor?
Is suitable for researchers?
How does help in increasing my knowledge in my chosen field?
What subjects or fields can cover?
How do I upload my notes and papers to
How can I connect with other users on
What does the creator platform of offer?
Is a good tool for collaborative learning?
Can groups also use to create a shared AI?
What is the range of academic fields supports?

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