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BotStacks is a conversational AI solution designed to facilitate the creation, development and deployment of AI assistants. The platform supports collaborative work, presenting a user-friendly web application suitable for both beginners and experienced developers.

With a no-code bot builder, BotStacks aids in automating the repetitive and mundane tasks. An essential feature includes AI Model Integration that supports GPT, Bard, Claude, VoiceFlow, Lex, Microsoft and others.

For seamless interaction between the customer and the platform, chat UI customization is provided with support for Android, iOS, and website interoperability best practices.

Serving as a sandbox for AI development, BotStacks provides a virtual environment where developers can test and perfect their models before deployment.

This platform promotes versatility by inviting users to leverage existing AI models, cloud providers and templates altogether for integration. It supports large language models like GPT, Claude, Bard and cloud automation providers like DialogFlow, Lex, Microsoft Bot Service, and Watson.

Custom workflows are possible, enabling the build of custom prompts and responses. In terms of application, BotStacks assists in a multitude of sectors like customer support, e-commerce, travel and hospitality, human resources, gaming and legal services by providing automated support.

The pricing model is flexible, catering to individuals, small teams and large organizations with scalable options.


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Pros and Cons


User-friendly web application
No-code bot builder
Supports GPT, Bard, Claude
Chat UI customization
Android, iOS, web support
Large language model support
DialogueFlow, Lex, Microsoft support
Workflow customization
Multisector application
Flexible pricing model
Collaborative tool
Website interoperability
Cloud automation providers
Custom prompt building
Automated support provision
Supports VoiceFlow
Variety of use cases
Templates for integration
Watson Bot Service support
Automates mundane tasks
Custom response building
Scalable options
Supports small teams
Caters to large organizations
User experience fine-tuning
Assists various sectors
Pre-built templates
Flexible for individuals or teams
Supports different language models
Seamless customer interaction
Perfect models before deployment
Bot design & deployment
Video tutorials and documentation
Community support
Support for legal services
Automated customer support
E-commerce, travel, HR support
Plan options for scale
Accounts for existing models
Support for gaming sector
Large language models
Integration with cloud providers
Customizable chat UI
Supports website interoperability
Cloud automation providers
Automate repetitive tasks


No offline capabilities
Limited developer integrations
Charges for additional assistants
No on-premise availability for small-scale
Storage limit on cheaper plans
No mentioned support for lesser-known language models
No listed feature for multi-language support
Lacks built-in analytics and reporting


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