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Question answering assistant for interactive tasks.
Generated by ChatGPT is a B2B platform that enables the building of conversational AI agents. These agents are designed to answer questions, take action, and function alongside applications.

With Fixie, users can create powerful and customizable Sidekicks, ranging from a no-code to a full-code approach. The platform utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to accurately ground Sidekicks on user-provided information, even if the model has not encountered it before, eliminating the need for a data science team.

Fixie Sidekicks can be trained to fetch real-time information, call APIs, and interact with the outside world. Additionally, the platform is multi-modal, capable of handling various types of media such as images and videos.

It also supports React components, allowing Sidekicks to generate custom, dynamic UI provides a comprehensive management system for Sidekicks, offering a hosted environment for both no-code and fully-customized deployments.

The platform offers observability, allowing users to understand the Sidekick's performance throughout its lifecycle. Fixie Sidekicks can be easily embedded into applications using JavaScript, and the platform's open-source framework, AI.JSX, offers flexibility and extensibility. also highlights its expertise in the applied Language Model (LLM) space and emphasizes its open-source nature to mitigate the risk of lock-in.

Furthermore, the platform provides a ready-to-scale environment and offers on-premises options. invites users to request a demo to explore how it can bring generative AI to their applications.


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