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Build your own chatbot with OpenAI Assistant
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OpenAssistantGPT is an open source platform that allows you to build your own chatbot using OpenAI Assistant. The tool is interestingly designed for seamless integration, making it effortless to incorporate a chatbot directly into your website.

To create a chatbot, you simply provide the URL for the tool to crawl and it completes the job. OpenAssistantGPT uses various models of the OpenAI Assistant, including GPT-4 and GTP-3.5, to power its chatbots.

The platform supports easy integration requiring minimal coding efforts and fostering low implementation costs. Importantly, the tool is fully open source meaning that its code is freely available on Github, empowering current and future users to improve and modify the tool as per their needs.

The platform does not charge extra, as you bring your OpenAI API key and get billed directly by OpenAI. This means you keep full control over your data and its management.

Additionally, OpenAssistantGPT is compatible with several popular website platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix. Furthermore, the platform offers different plans catering to personal projects, teams, organizations, and large-scale operations, ensuring flexibility and scalability.


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Pros and Cons


Open source platform
Seamless integration
Minimal coding required
Low implementation costs
Freely available code
User data control
WordPress compatibility
Shopify compatibility
Squarespace compatibility
Wix compatibility
Scalable plans available
Customizable tool
Incorporate chatbots into websites
Automatic URL crawling
Community improvement on Github
Control over data management
Low cost solution
Potential for large-scale operations
Supports teams and organizations
Perfect for personal projects
Various plans for different needs
Easy to implement chatbot
No extra charges
Bring your own API key


Depends on website's URL
May have Open-source vulnerabilities
Lack of dedicated customer service
Requires understanding of Github
Limited platform compatibility
Requires coding for modifications
Potential content crawling issues
Depends on GPT-3.5, GPT-4 availability

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