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Chatbots developed without coding.
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Magic AI is a tool that allows users to create their own AI chat bot without requiring any coding skills. Users can upload their documents or website content, and the tool will convert them into AI chat bots that can answer questions.

Magic AI can be used to store all of a team's knowledge in one place, reducing the need to answer the same questions repeatedly. Additionally, it can increase teams' productivity by allowing members to collaborate and search the uploaded documents easily.

Website owners can use Magic AI to create chat bots based on their website content, making it easier for customers to find the information they are looking for.

Educational institutions and researchers can use the tool to upload documents and research related to their field and ask questions about them. Magic AI offers different plans suited for individuals, small to medium businesses, and even enterprise companies with features such as the number of chatbot projects, messages, team members, and uploaded characters.

One can start using Magic AI for free and upgrade as their needs grow. Security is prioritized as the data uploaded is encrypted and stored with the latest security standards.

Magic AI supports all major languages and file types, including PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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Pros and Cons


No-coding required
Document-to-chatbot feature
Website content to chatbot
Team collaboration enabled
Supports all major languages
Multiple file type support
Securely encrypted data
Plans for different needs
Free tier available
Helps in repetitive Q&A
Increases team productivity
Custom chatbot for websites
Useful for educational institutions
Useful for academic research
Drag and drop feature
Searchable documents
Unlimited team members for enterprise
Upload limit up to 15,000,000 characters
Scrapes website data for chatbots
Embedded chatbots for websites
Public chatbot link sharing
Can train chatbot with own data
No coding experience required


Limited upload characters
Limited chatbot projects
Limited messages
No mention of analytics
Limited team members
Restricted website embed
No transparency on data usage
No customization options
Limited supported file types
Charges for logo removal


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Can Magic AI be useful for educational institutions and research?
How does pricing for Magic AI work and what features does each plan offer?
What measures does Magic AI take to ensure data security?
Which languages and file types are supported by Magic AI?
Can I use Magic AI without any coding skills?
How does Magic AI let me create a chat bot for my website?
How can Magic AI help me find answers in my research documents?
Is it possible to share my chat bot created using Magic AI on social media or my app?
Can I invite my team members to use and train the Magic AI chat bot?
Is there a free version of Magic AI available?
Can I remove the Magic AI logo in the Enterprise plan?
Are there usage limits based on the Magic AI plan that I choose?
Can I upload and ask questions about my documents using Magic AI?
How does Magic AI help manage large volumes of documents?
Can I use Magic AI in my own language?
Can Magic AI scrape data from my website for the chat bot?


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