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Build no-code chatbots with video chat functionality.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI chatbot platform that caters a blend of AI, rule-based systems, and human touch to enhance business communications. It primarily assists businesses in improving customer support and lead generation via a video chat-enabled multi-channel dashboard.

The platform allows users to build custom AI chatbots using their own data sets, which integrate with rule-based components. It also features an intuitive chatbot builder with a drag and drop functionality, enabling users to create conversational experiences as a widget, landing page, or embedded on the website.

The platform includes a high-quality video chat function for personalizing conversations and presenting product demonstrations. A multi-channel approach and an agent dashboard with notifications ensure seamless interactions and quick takeover by human agents if needed.

The tool is accessible across devices such as Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac, ensuring constant productivity despite user mobility. Additionally, seamless integration support is provided for various platforms, offering versatile options to connect the chatbot with different business tools and software.


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Pros and Cons


Integration with rule-based systems
High-quality video chat
Multi-channel agent dashboard
Drag and drop functionality
Supports Windows, Android, iOS, Mac
Multichannel approach
Conversation personalization
Seamless agent takeover
Multiple integrations support
Portable across devices
Agent dashboard notifications
Building chatbots with own data
Widget, landing page, website embedding
Supports customer support, lead generation
No-code chatbot builder
Seamless integrations to platforms
Agent dashboard on mobile
Video chat for product demos


No code editor
Reliance on rule-based systems
May require human intervention
Requires own data sets
Complex chatbot builder
Multichannel dashboard can overwhelm
Requires software integration
Video chat may complicate
Difficult agent handover
Limited customization options


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