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Automate your business without coding with UChat.
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UChat is a comprehensive chatbot platform designed to assist businesses automate their operations. One of its defining features is its no-code nature, which empowers businesses to create their own chatbots without any programming knowledge.

UChat is touted as a visually-based platform which implements a drag and drop flow builder, enabling users to design and deploy complex conversational flows intuitively.

Moreover, UChat provides a reach across a variety of platforms with the promise of engaging customers wherever they may be. The channels supported include but are not limited to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Business Messenger, Telegram, SMS, Voice, Line, Viber, WeChat, Slack, and Email.Furthermore, UChat incorporates artificial intelligence capabilities to develop chatbots that deliver automated, contextually appropriate responses 24/7.

The platform employs AI services like OpenAI/ChatGPT & Dialogflow to enhance the efficiency and quality of the bot interactions.In addition to chatbot building, UChat boasts an integrated eCommerce feature offering a seamless checkout process for customers across all supported channels.

The platform also has a centralized live chat and inbox system that allows for increased interaction with customers and streamlined internal communication.In terms of adoption, UChat is notably open to anyone interested in automated conversational marketing, as it follows a template-based approach with a library of pre-designed templates ready for use.

The platform is also equipped with various advanced building blocks for crafting more refined and effective chatbots.


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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Drag and drop builder
Supports multiple channels
Visually-based platform
24/7 chatbot service
Library of pre-designed templates
Cross-platform reach
Integration with Dialogflow
Integrated eCommerce feature
Centralized live chat system
Ability to create complex flows
Automated contextually appropriate responses
Multi-platform support
Advanced building blocks
Seamless checkout process
Automated conversational marketing
Automates business operations
Integrates with several platforms
Integrated inbox system
Can automate phone calls
Can automate emails
SMS bot capabilities
Supports 12+ Social channels
Native integrations of popular platforms
Seamless human takeover
Drag and drop flow builder
Visual logic for building bot
White label solution
Interactions through email
IVR capabilities
Automations across multiple channels
Access to plug and play features
Effective for small businesses
Delivers high-quality customer services
Instant notification for human agents
Assists in interactive experiences
Supports omnichannel automation
Useful in conversation marketing
Multiple native integrations
Streamlines checkout process across channels
Enables creation of advanced chatbot automations
Increase in productivity with inbox feature
Integrated with popular platforms
Supports human support transfer
Ideal for non-tech users
Compatible with mobile devices
Can handle customer queries instantly
Powerful automation features
Seamless human-agent transition


No coding may limit customization
Depends on third-party channels
No native language support
Template-based may limit creativity
Potential platform compatibility issues
No multi-lingual support
Only visual-based platform
Reliance on pre-designed templates


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What are some unique features of UChat?
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Can UChat chatbots function 24/7?
What platforms does UChat support for reaching customers?
How does UChat's template-based approach work?

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