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Magically add context to your GPT3 prompts.
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Godly is an AI tool that aims to improve the performance of Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) tools by adding personalised context to the prompts.

It provides a platform where users can easily append their own data to GPT3 prompts which yields more personalized and relevant outcomes. Its key features include an easy setup where users can create and manage context, an 'Instant Chat Bot' for exploring your context with no coding requirement, and 'Easy Debugging' that facilitates the management and debugging of influencing contexts.

Godly also uses OpenAI's embedding model which aids in finding and integrating the most relevant context to the prompts. Moreover, Godly provides an easy-to-use Software Development Kit (SDK), designed to simplify the process for developers to integrate personalised context into their GPT3 models.

Finally, it offers a future-proof setup where, as more Language Models (LLM) get released, users will be able to effortlessly switch between different models.

Therefore, regardless of whether you are a developer or an AI enthusiast, Godly offers a user-friendly way to optimize and easily manage the use of GPT-3 models.


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Godly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 4th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Improves GPT-3 performance
Enables personalisation of prompts
Easy setup for context creation
Instant Chat Bot feature
No coding requirement
Easy debugging
Management of influencing contexts
Context matching to prompts
Simplifying SDK for developers
Future-proof model switching
Append user data to GPT3
User-friendly for non-developers
Optimize GPT-3 usage
Prompt management capabilities
Effective data management
Context management made easy
Allows for personalized completions
Facilitates conversation with custom GPT3 bot
Godly Playground for debugging
Connects to multiple LLM models
Easy switch between LLM models
Quick context integration with GPT3


Limited to GPT-3 models
No multilingual support mentioned
Limited debugging functionalities
Requires own context data
No specified data privacy measures
Ease of SDK use unclear
Switching between LLMs undefined
No apparent scalability options
Prompts personalization may be limited


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Can I integrate my own data into GPT3 using Godly?
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How does Godly ensure relevant results?
What is the process of setting up Godly?
Can the contexts influencing my prompts be managed within Godly?
What does it mean to 'add context' to GPT3 prompts?
What is Godly's playground?

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