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AISTA is an AI-driven tool that enables the creation and customization of GPT-based chatbots for websites. These chatbots can be tailored to converse and interact with users based on specific directions, data, and styles provided by the website owner.

This tool enables businesses to increase customer satisfaction, generate leads, and reduce customer support costs. AISTA chatbots can be trained using existing data from the website or other sources, thereby allowing responses to be customized based on website-specific information.

The chatbots can be easily integrated into any CMS or website, offering flexibility with compatibility. They can also be configured to use training data derived from multiple formats such as XML, JSON, YAML, and CSV files.

In addition to providing standard chatbot functionality, AISTA allows for the creation of chatbots with unique 'personalities', creating a more engaging user experience.

Furthermore, the chatbot integration allows for enhanced user interaction and lead generation features, including automatic saving of user contacts in compatible CRMs such as Pipedrive.

AISTA also offers the capability of creating custom AI-based expert systems which can cater to various niche fields such as legal and medical help. Reports and consequently, data analysis can be extracted manually or automatically, providing insights into customer interaction and engagement.


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AISTA was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Customized GPT-based chatbots
Website-specific interaction
Integration with any CMS
Training on existing data
Data import in multiple formats
Chatbots have unique 'personalities'
Seamless CRM integration
Automatic saving of user contacts
Suitable for various niches
Automated data extraction
Real-time customer interaction analysis
Cost-effective solution
Increases customer satisfaction
Generates leads
Reduces customer support costs
Customizable responses
Increased user engagement
Scrapes website for training data
Supports multiple file formats
Integration with Pipedrive
Establishes new leads in CRM
Allows manual lead creation
Compatible with diverse CRMs
Customization enhances customer experience
Boosts conversion
Trial period available
Increases sales by 67%
Decreases support costs by 30%
Easy script embedding
Enhances website interaction
Comprehensive data analysis
Detailed reporting


No native mobile support
No sentiment analysis feature
Requires extensive data collection
No multi-language support
Manual or automatic only extraction
Flexible, but complex customization
Limited CRM integrations
No voice chat feature


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Does AISTA support CRM integration, such as with Pipedrive?
Can AISTA create custom AI-based expert systems?
How can AISTA help in specific fields like legal and medical?
Does AISTA provide data analysis and reports on customer interaction?
How does AISTA help in decreasing customer support costs?
Can I customize my AISTA chatbots based on my website's specific information?
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