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ByMatthew Proffitt
Assists in creating chatbots for pitch decks.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Ready to create an amazing pitch deck?
Sample prompts:
How should I structure my pitch deck?
How can I make my pitch deck stand out?
Please connect me to a professional for assistance!
Please review my pitch deck and provide feedback!
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PitchDeckAssistantGPT is a tool or generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) built on the capabilities of ChatGPT, designed to help in creating chatbots for pitch decks during business and fundraising activities.

Its main role is to support users seeking to perfect their pitch decks and attempting to make them as user-friendly as possible. Its application becomes extremely relevant in cases where you want an overview of how to structure your pitch deck, or are seeking suggestions to make your pitch deck stand out.

A significant feature that sets it apart is its ability to connect the user to a professional for assistance, whenever required. Another useful feature is its capacity to review your pitch deck and provide pertinent feedback.

In essence, this GPT plays a critical role in facilitating the process of making pitch decks by offering structured advice, providing active assistance, and enabling connections to professionals for furtherance.

It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of users with varying degrees of expertise in creating pitch decks, thus making it a versatile and adaptive tool.


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