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Score startup pitches with instant feedback.
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Deck Analyzer is an AI-powered platform aimed towards startup founders who want to improve their pitch decks and impress potential investors. The tool offers constructive feedback and AI scoring based on four categories.

Users can also compare their scores with other startups on the leaderboard. Pitch League, the company behind Deck Analyzer, enables founders to elevate their pitch by providing an AI pitch-deck coach.

The tool is specifically designed for startups currently raising at pre-seed and seed stages. It analyzes ‘intro decks,’ which are those shared with investors to secure a first call.

Users can upload a file or drag and drop a PDF up to 10MB. Deck Analyzer is powered by AI and offers insight into areas that need improvement, making it a valuable tool for startup founders looking to perfect their pitch.

In addition, the platform provides a leaderboard that allows users to compare their scores with other startup founders, which can help drive a competitive spirit and offer an insight into how their pitch decks stack up against the competition.

Overall, Deck Analyzer is a valuable tool for startup founders who want to perfect their pitch decks and gain a competitive edge in the market. Its AI-powered feedback and scoring system provide valuable insights and allow for continuous improvement, making it an essential part of any startup's arsenal.


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Pros and Cons


Pitch deck analysis
Feedback across four categories
Startups leaderboard comparison
Tailored to pre-seed and seed startups
Intro deck analysis
File upload and drag-and-drop feature
PDF compatibility up to 10MB
Continuous deck improvement
Competitive spark encouragement
Concretely outlines improvement areas
Valuable insights into startup competition


Only for pre-seed, seed
No support for files >10MB
Only analyzes 'intro decks'
No multiple file support
No version history support
Only PDFs accepted
No offline use
Leaderboard might discourage users


What is Deck Analyzer?
How does Deck Analyzer work?
What are the four categories that Deck Analyzer uses for scoring?
Can I compare my pitch deck score with other startups using Deck Analyzer?
What kind of startups is Deck Analyzer designed for?
At what stages of fundraising can startups use Deck Analyzer?
What is an 'intro deck'?
What file formats does Deck Analyzer accept?
What is the maximum file size that I can upload on Deck Analyzer?
What kind of feedback can I expect from Deck Analyzer?
How can Deck Analyzer help me improve my pitch deck?
Does Deck Analyzer use AI technology?
What is a pitch deck leaderboard on Deck Analyzer?
How can Deck Analyzer give a competitive edge to my startup?
Is there a limit to how many pitch decks I can analyze with Deck Analyzer?
What is Pitch League?
How is Pitch League related to Deck Analyzer?
What is an AI pitch-deck coach?
How does Deck Analyzer's AI scoring system work?
Can Deck Analyzer help me secure a first call with investors?

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