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Gamed training for pitch delivery.
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Fry My Deck is an AI tool designed to train users in pitch delivery using questions from some of Silicon Valley's top investors and VCs. The tool claims to be non-commercial and free to use, making it accessible to anyone interested in building consumer and social apps.

The tool allows users to follow its creators, Jean Gatt and Guillaume Sà, on their respective LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Fry My Deck aims to provide a leveling system experience with the use of the LVL 1000 and LVL 1 scores, and invigorates the pitch training experience with a gaming experience through the use of Player 1 and Player 2 names that make use of images such as Mark Cuban.Fry My Deck offers randomized questions and a "Pitch Deck," but without storing any data or information about its users or their pitch decks, thus offering a secure and safe experience for users.

Overall, Fry My Deck is a practical tool for anyone looking to improve their pitch delivery skills quickly and effectively. The tool is also unique in that it presents a gaming element, making it more engaging and enjoyable for those looking to hone their pitch presentation skills.


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Pros and Cons


Free to use
Training with real VC questions
Engaging gaming experience
Involves Silicon Valley investors
Accessible on social platforms
Provides a leveling system
Real-time pitch training
Randomized experience each time
Highly secure (no data stored)
Interactions with tool creators
Can follow creators social profiles
Fast and effective learning
Involves known personalties in gaming
Invigorating and unique approach
Non-commercial tool
Safe user experience
Supports pitch deck preparation
Aimed at consumer & social apps
Helps improve presentation skills
Fun and educational tool
Designed for startups
Involves top VC's for feedback
No user account needed
Encourages competitive learning
Supports quick skill improvement


No data storage
No personalized feedback
Randomized questions lack structure
No offline mode
Limited to pitch delivery
No progress tracking
Dependence on social networks
No compatibility with other tools
Gaming elements may distract
Lack 'mark Cuban' context


What is Fry My Deck?
Who created Fry My Deck?
Is Fry My Deck free to use?
What makes Fry My Deck different from other pitch training tools?
How do I use Fry My Deck?
What are the LVL 1000 and LVL 1 scores?
Can I follow the creators of Fry My Deck on LinkedIn and Twitter?
Is Fry My Deck a game?
Can I improve my pitch delivery skills by using Fry My Deck?
Does Fry My Deck store any user data or information?
Who are Player 1 and Player 2 in Fry My Deck?
What happens when I click 'FIGHT' in Fry My Deck?
What is the 'Random Qs' feature in Fry My Deck?
Is Fry My Deck suitable for social app startups?
How does the pitch training experience with Fry My Deck work?
What is a Pitch Deck in the context of Fry My Deck?
What images does Fry My Deck use?
Is Fry My Deck a commercial tool?
Why is Fry My Deck named so?
What can I expect from the Fry My Deck's leveling system experience?

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