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Pitch decks optimized for early-stage startup founders.
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Fornax is an AI tool designed to provide instant, slide-by-slide feedback for pitch decks. It is specifically aimed at early-stage startup founders who need to effectively communicate their ideas to potential investors.

With Fornax, users have the opportunity to improve their pitch decks in order to make a strong impression within the limited time frame available to them.The tool offers a range of features to enhance pitch decks, including a slide-by-slide breakdown and analysis, suggestions to improve the overall "look and feel," and feedback on team dynamics and product-market fit.The process is simple: users upload their pitch deck in PDF format and receive actionable and tailored advice in return.

Fornax provides a comprehensive analysis of the pitch deck, including assessments on product-market fit, clarity, flow, visual design, and the team.One notable aspect of Fornax is that it allows users to try the tool for free without requiring any registration.

This makes it accessible and convenient for early-stage startup founders who want to benefit from its features immediately.To ensure user privacy and security, Fornax has a privacy policy and terms of service that can be accessed on their website.In summary, Fornax is an effective AI tool that offers valuable feedback and suggestions to help early-stage startup founders effectively communicate their ideas to investors.

Its slide-by-slide breakdown and analysis, along with its focus on design and team dynamics, make it a valuable resource for optimizing pitch decks.


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