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Simplify your blood test results.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Upload your blood test for detailed explanations and a PDF summary.
Sample prompts:
Simplify this blood test for me.
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BloodTest Simplifier is a GPT that simplifies and explains blood test results in an understandable manner. It is designed to translate complex medical jargon into layman's language as if explaining to a 5-year-old, making it easier for individuals to comprehend their own blood test results.

Users can upload any kind of blood test result into the system, and the tool will process the information and provide a simplified, detailed explanation.

In addition to this, it generates a PDF summary of the translated results. This GPT not only enhances personal health literacy but also empowers users to understand their health better without the need to consult medical professionals for clarification.

Importantly, BloodTest Simplifier is built on top of ChatGPT, requiring ChatGPT Plus to operate. The functionality of this tool is initiated by a 'Prompt starters' feature such as 'Simplify this blood test for me' which users can use to solicit the simplifying and explanation process of their blood test results.


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BloodTest Simplifier was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 28th 2023.
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