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Improved oncological medical image analysis.
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AIMinded is an AI-based toolbox for oncological medical imaging, designed to improve the accuracy and speed of cancer treatment. The toolbox uses advanced technology to detect and analyze CT scans, producing consistent contours in a matter of minutes.

This allows radiotherapists to quickly identify risk organs and craft treatment plans with increased accuracy. AIMinded also facilitates collaboration between healthcare professionals, research institutions and data providers, enabling the sharing of new information and insights.

The AI-based system is designed to integrate seamlessly into any existing healthcare system infrastructure, improving workflow efficiency and quality.

The toolbox is also capable of reducing manual work by up to 90%, allowing doctors to focus more on complex cases and diversify their skills. AIMinded is committed to helping accelerate the delivery of effective cancer care through scientific advancement, technical innovation and expertise.


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AIminded was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Improved oncological image analysis
Fast contour production
Quick risk organ identification
Facilitates professional collaboration
Seamless healthcare system integration
Improves workflow efficiency
Quality enhancement
90% reduction in manual work
Focus on complex cases
Accelerates delivery of cancer care
Contributes to scientific advancement
Increase reliability of contours
High-quality contouring
Improved productivity
Simplified workflow
Increased precision
Automated contour generation
Continuous deployment
Supports skills diversification
Facilitates cancer treatment speed-up


No offline functionality
Inefficient in complex cases
Limited organ contouring techniques
May require stable internet connection
Not compatible with all healthcare systems
Doesn't support all image types
Potential privacy issues with data sharing
Dependency on existing infrastructure
Limited user control over processes
No peer-reviewed scientific validation


What is AIMinded?
How does AIMinded assist in oncological medical imaging?
How does AIMinded improve the accuracy and speed of cancer treatment planning?
Can AIMinded be integrated into any healthcare system infrastructure?
How does AIMinded facilitate collaboration in healthcare?
Does AIMinded require manual work?
Can AIMinded reduce repeated manual labor in oncological imaging?
What are some of the advanced technologies AIMinded uses for CT scan analysis?
How can AIMinded help radiologists diversify their skills?
What are the features of the AIMinded toolbox?
How can AIMinded help streamline the workflow in healthcare?
How does AIMinded contribute to scientific advancement in healthcare?
How does AIMinded ensure consistency of the generated contours?
What kind of contouring techniques does AIMinded offer?
What benefits does AIMinded offer for hospitals, universities and research institutions?
How can one become a partner with AIMinded?
How can I contact AIMinded for more information?
How does AIMinded improve the productivity of oncological medical imaging?
Does AIMinded provide a platform for sharing new information and insights in cancer care?
Can AIMinded help in increasing the chances of successfully defeating diseases?


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