Health 30 Jan 2023
Managed medical knowledge for improved diagnosis.

Generated by ChatGPT

Glass AI is a powerful AI-driven knowledge management system developed by Glass Health, specifically tailored to the way in which doctors learn, organize, and curate medical knowledge.

It enables doctors to draft a differential diagnosis or clinical plan based on a diagnostic problem representation. This feature is only intended for use by clinicians and clinicians in training, and should not be used by the general public.

Glass AI uses an artificial intelligence (AI) model to generate the differential diagnosis or clinical plan and is constantly undergoing research and testing to improve accuracy.

The quality and usefulness of the output is highly dependent on the quality of the diagnostic one-liner submitted, and all output must be carefully interpreted and never replace professional judgement.

Glass AI is a secure and frictionless software for learning and practicing medicine and is easily shareable with the public.


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