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ChatShape is an AI Chatbot builder that allows users to create custom chatbots from their own content remarkably fast. The tool is a Chrome extension that lets users generate chatbots from private wikis in just seconds.

ChatShape partnered with OpenAI to deliver AI-powered chatbots that are trained on users' data. Once the extension is opened on a webpage, users can click on "add current site" and then "generate bot", which will create a shareable link for their own chatbot.

The tool does not store the webpage, only the text content is stored in encrypted format on secure AWS servers. The ChatShape Chrome extension has been tested to work on most web pages, including private wiki pages like Confluence, Notion, Jira, and Quip.

Users can share the chatbot links they've created with anyone they want to. The "add current site" feature grabs all the visible, copyable text that is available on the current web page and doesn't crawl other links on the page or the entire domain.

ChatShape's maximum number of web sources depends on the user's plan and the text character count of each page is used to measure the size of a web source.Overall, ChatShape provides a simple and convenient way for users to create chatbots trained on their content, making it easier for them to communicate with their customers or audience.


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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Fast chatbot creation
Custom chatbots
Uses private wikis
User data training
Shared chatbot links
Secure text storage
Works on most websites
Supports Confluence, Notion, Jira, Quip
Visible text data capture
Varied plan options
Web source size measurement
GPT Chatbots
Encrypted AWS storage
Doesn't crawl entire domain


Chrome only extension
Doesn't crawl entire domain
No Google Docs support
Data stored, though encrypted
Limited by user's plan
Text-based source size limits
Doesn't work on non-copyable content


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Does ChatShape crawl other links on the page or the entire domain?
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Can I generate a chatbot from a webpage with ChatShape?
How secure is data stored by ChatShape?
What technology does ChatShape use for construction of its chatbots?
Can I use ChatShape on multiple web pages?
What all platforms has ChatShape been tested on?
What would happen if the text character count of a web page is too large for ChatShape?
How quickly can a chatbot be generated using ChatShape?
Are there any privacy concerns with using ChatShape?
What is the business model of ChatShape?
What is the impact of partnership with OpenAI on ChatShape's capabilities?

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