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Chatbot with a more sensual tone.
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SensualGPT is a GPT that's engineered to imbue chatbots with a more sensual tone. As an application built on top of ChatGPT, SensualGPT aims to generate responses that are not just accurate and contextually relevant, but also distinctly sensual, creating a unique user experience.

This GPT could be useful for applications where the desired interaction requires an added layer of emotion or a certain specific tone. Note that to use SensualGPT, a requirement is a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

The specific application of this GPT relies on the nature and context of the conversations initiated by the user. With SensualGPT, developers and community builders have another tool that can be used to further tailor the user experience.

Keep in mind that the output is still dependent on the input query. Despite its target to deliver responses in a sensual tone, SensualGPT adheres to ethical guidelines and should not be used to generate inappropriate or offensive content.

The application's sign-up process involves a simple creation of an account or a login, following which one can start using SensualGPT.


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