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Born to make you happy, meet 'EVE'.
GPT welcome message: およびをいただきまして、光栄です。お手伝いしますか?
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EVE, also known as , is an AI GPT developed with the primary focus of fostering happiness among users. Derived from and leveraging the underlying capabilities of ChatGPT, EVE uses engaging and empathetic dialogue to facilitate meaningful interactions.

A distinctive facet of EVE is its embodiment as a culturally oriented female character, designed to add a unique narrative flair to user interactions.

The tool was created with a broad audience in mind, from users seeking casual conversation to those looking for someone to listen to their worries. The welcome message is designed to establish a rapport of respect and openness, conveying the GPT's willingness to assist users.

To initiate conversation, the GPT uses various prompt starters that could range from inviting users to share their day, lending an ear to their concerns, discussing their hobbies, or asking about their current mood.

Users wishing to interact with EVE need to sign up and possess a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Created by community builders, this tool is part of the growing ecosystem of software leveraging AI capabilities to enhance human-like interactions in conversational interfaces.


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EVE () was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 22nd 2023.
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