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Create your own smart chatbots for your website, using your own data
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Dhibot Advanced AI Chat is a comprehensive AI chatbot solution, built with a focus on user-customizability and engagement. Users can create personalized smart chatbots, tailor-made for their websites or individual needs.

Dhibot allows users to train the chatbot using their own data sources, thereby ensuring relevant and accurate responses. Motorized by GPT, it continuously learns and improves from the provided information.

Users can customize the appearance to reflect their brand's personality. The chatbots can be integrated directly into a user's website with a seamless interface.

This feature aims to engage visitors, answer queries, and provide aids, enhancing overall website engagement. Dhibot also promotes sharing the chatbot with others, and it can be made publicly available.

From small business owners to tech enthusiasts, different user categories can benefit from Dhibots capabilities. It offers a tool for automating tasks and answering questions, thereby improving customer support, boosting sales, and interacting with readers or patients among others.

Business owners have the option to use Dhibot's APIs to create personalized applications, which entail chatbot creation, message sending, and data source uploading.

All these operations can be performed and managed using the APIs, enhancing the versatility of the tool.


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Pros and Cons


User-customizable chatbots
Customization of appearance
Direct website integration
Promotes sharing chatbots
User-generated data training
Continuous learning capabilities
Chatbot creation API
Message sending API
Data source uploading API
Variety of user categories
Task automation
Boosts sales
Chatbot interactions
GPT power
Useful for small business owners
Creates personalized applications
Automatic tasks and questions answering
Full API management
Visible data sources
Website visitor engagement
Open to public sharing
Brand personality reflection
Data upload feature
Versatile applications
Integration for customer support
Seamless webpage interface
Answers queries on website
Chatbot for e-commerce
Chatbot for bloggers
Chatbot for educators
Chatbot for healthcare professionals
Chatbot for event organizers
Chatbot for nonprofits
API data exporting
API past chat viewing
Instant website support
24/7 assistance
Real-time data responses
Integrated data references
Knowledge boosting
Automated website content scan
Fast question responses
Different plans features
Automated repetitive tasks savings
Several pricing plans
Positive market testimonials
Chatbot continuous improvement
Efficient customer service
Distinct look and feel
Answer export feature


Limited chatbot number
Paid plans mandatory
Limited monthly messages
Limited characters in knowledge base
Potential privacy risks
Limited offline consultation
Limited data source types
Possible complex API
Limited language capability
No desktop application


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Can Dhibot's AI be used to boost sales?
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How can Dhibot chatbot help engage visitors on my website?
Can I use my own data to train Dhibot?
Do I need special knowledge to create a chatbot with Dhibot?
How does Dhibot's chatbot reflect my brand's personality?
Can Dhibot chatbot deliver accurate and relevant responses?
What does it mean to make the Dhibot chatbot publicly available?
Can I manage Dhibot operations using the APIs?
Does Dhibot offer personalized AI applications?
How can Dhibot contribute towards task automation?

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