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Embed in processes, chatbots, search, automation & data.
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VectorShift is a tool that enables the integration of generative AI into custom business processes. It allows users to seamlessly and securely incorporate custom Large Language Models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, into personal or team workflows without the need for coding.

The tool offers various use cases, including building, designing, prototyping, and deploying custom generative AI workflows to enhance customer engagement and team or personal productivity.With VectorShift, users can easily build and embed chat bots on their websites, connecting them with their knowledge base in just minutes.

The tool also facilitates the creation of search engines that can summarize and answer questions about documents, videos, audio files, and websites in real-time.

Additionally, VectorShift helps automate document creation tasks, enabling the generation of marketing copy, personalized outbound emails, call summaries, and graphics at scale.The tool allows users to build pipelines involving LLMs, data sources, and Vector databases quickly and easily.

These pipelines can be productionized via API, enabling the deployment of applications to end-users immediately. VectorShift caters specifically to enterprise needs, offering features like marketing and sales support, customer support chatbots, internal support for HR and technical inquiries, and automated reporting.VectorShift's secure infrastructure and zero-day retention policy ensure data privacy, as it does not store user data.

The tool offers a free diagnostic to assess an organization's readiness for generative AI and provides a roadmap to integrate the platform seamlessly into existing processes.

Users can try the platform for free to explore its capabilities.


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Pros and Cons


No-code integration
Seamless Large Language Models integration
Enable creation of chatbots
Real-time document summarization
Automates document creation
Generates graphics at scale
Builds pipelines easily
API for deployment
Immediate application deployment
Enterprise-specific features
Sales and marketing support
Customer support chatbots
Internal HR and technical support
Automated reporting
Secure infrastructure
Zero-day data retention
Free organizational readiness diagnostic
Free platform trial
Chat Bots quick setup
Chat Bots knowledge base integration
Search engines for multiple media
Personalized outbound emails creation
Call summaries automation
Marketing copies generator
Interacts with various data sources
Pre-built pipelines marketplaces
Allows users' pipelines contribution
Writes proposals
Response to RFPs automation
CRM updates automation
Prep research for calls
Drafts account plan
Upskill support agents
HR requests automation
Technical support automation
Applications visibility to end-users
Builds with existing processes
Trained chatbots


Non-intuitive interface
Requires extensive knowledge of LLMs
Limited pre-built pipelines
Lack of troubleshooting guides
No multi-language support
Limited integration options
API only deployment
Only supports large-scale enterprises
No social media integrations
No offline working capability


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