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Computer vision apps with auto-label and model eval.
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Datature is a comprehensive AI vision platform that enables teams and enterprises to efficiently build computer vision applications without code. The platform consists of three components: Nexus, IntelliBrush, and Portal.

Nexus is the core platform which allows users to collaborate, annotate, train, and deploy multiple computer vision models on a single no-code platform.

IntelliBrush is an AI-assisted labelling tool that enables users to quickly and easily create pixel-perfect annotations with a few clicks. Portal is a free open source platform which allows users to upload their model and drag and drop test images to evaluate performance and accuracy.Datature offers a variety of features and solutions to help global companies and teams launch computer vision products faster and better.

This includes onboarding, managing, and keeping track of datasets and users, as well as compatibility with all model formats, rich open source community, seamless connection with Nexus, industry tested algorithms, and market validated insights.


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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Collaborative platform
Builds multiple computer vision models
Efficient dataset and user management
Open source community
Industry tested algorithms
Validated market insights
Plug and Play Solution
Customised integrations
Compatible with all model formats
Free model performance and accuracy testing
Rich training resources
Interactive model evaluation
Various annotation tools available
Supports all image formats
S3 bucket compatibility via API
Hyperparameter tuning available
Automatic Image Augmentations
API integration
Export models feature
Leverages cloud infrastructure
Responsive support
Best-in-class security standards compliance


Lack of integration details
No explicit privacy policies
Complex interface
Hardware augmentation limitations
Limited image formats acceptance
Insufficient tutorials
Restrictions on API integration
Overwhelming project management features


What is Datature
What are the components of the Datature platform?
What is the function of Nexus in the Datature platform?
What is IntelliBrush and how does it work in Datature?
What is the function of Portal in the Datature platform?
How does the Datature platform help in managing datasets and users?
Which model formats are compatible with the Datature platform?
Does Datature offer customised integrations?
What is meant by 'No-code MLOps platform'?
How does Datature aid early stage startups with their computer vision projects?
How is Datature helpful for high growth companies?
Which industries can benefit from using Datature's AI vision platform?
What are the pricing options for Datature?
How does Datature support model evaluation?
What does 'Drag and drop images to visualise computer vision models' mean in the context of Datature?
Can Datature help in accelerating data labelling?
Does Datature provide API for model deployment?
What benefits does Datature provide for developers?
What type of support does Datature provide for their users?
Does Datature offer any free trials or plans?

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