Weather forecasting 2023-04-12
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Forecasting real-time weather updates.
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Based on the provided text, NimbusWx is an app available on the App Store that allows users to access weather information on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

The app description on the store includes customer reviews, ratings, and screenshots to help users make informed decisions about downloading the app. It appears that the app may provide real-time or current weather updates, as opposed to just weekly forecasts.

There is little additional information on the app's features or functionality beyond the brief description provided. It also does not appear to be directly connected to Apple's product line or services, despite being available on the App Store.

Overall, it appears that NimbusWx is a weather app that offers users an easy way to access and view weather information, potentially providing up-to-date information on the go.


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NimbusWx was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time weather updates
Available on App Store
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Useful for informed downloads
Customer rating and reviews visible
Option for in-app purchases
Comparative forecast models
Select any Earth coordinates
Save favorite locations
Advanced weather metrics display
See model's simulated altitude
Detailed visual representation of data
Highly accessible raw data
Multiple weather models available
Accelerated performance
Privacy assured: no data collection
Mac compatibility for later versions
In-app support available
Free base version available
All Access optional upgrade
Regular version updates
App size: 7.1 MB
Popular with professionals worldwide
Offers high resolution models
Helpful for forecast analysis
Visible model issue date


Limited to iOS devices
Lack of detailed description
No direct Apple integration
No mention of notifications
In-app purchases required
Limited user reviews
Lack of multi-language support
No desktop version
No advanced configuration options
Limited geographical coverage


What is NimbusWx?
What features does the NimbusWx app offer?
Does NimbusWx provide real-time weather updates?
Can I use NimbusWx on my iPhone and other Apple devices?
How is NimbusWx different from other weather apps?
What makes NimbusWx’s weather forecasting unique?
Can NimbusWx forecast weather for any location?
How can I customize the NimbusWx app?
What weather models does NimbusWx use for forecasting?
Does NimbusWx provide altitude and spatial/temporal resolution data?
Can I save my favourite locations in NimbusWx?
How does NimbusWx's AI weather forecaster work?
How reliable are the customer reviews and ratings of NimbusWx?
Does NimbusWx support in-app purchases?
What data protection policy does NimbusWx follow?
Is NimbusWx available on the Mac App Store?
How do I download and install NimbusWx from the App Store?
What is the pricing for NimbusWx?
Is NimbusWx available globally?
Who is the developer of NimbusWx?

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