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Transform AI-created text to human-like content
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Nostradamus is a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) driven applications designed to elevate e-commerce operations. It offers a variety of tools aimed at enhancing online business growth.

The Undetectability App utilizes advanced AI technology to alter AI-generated text, rendering it more human-like and further evading AI content detection systems.

This offers a unique functionality to churn AI-created content into virtually indiscernible form, facilitating seamless integration with human-produced text.

Another notable tool is the AI-Writer App. Leveraging AI, this writes high-quality, SEO-friendly long-form articles at a significantly increased pace as compared to human writers, intended to save time and increase efficiency.

Alongside these, the suite also includes a Blog Assistant App and an SEO Assistant App. The Blog Assistant App assists in creating content with outlines, keywords, suitable blog content, and calls to action while the SEO Assistant App provides tailored SEO suggestions and helps track SEO progress.

Lastly, Nostradamus provides an audit feature that assists users in identifying SEO issues with their online stores, enabling them to take remedial action proactively.

The suite has been positively reviewed by users for its robust functionality, value for money, and improvement of SEO rankings. In essence, Nostradamus is positioned as a comprehensive e-commerce tool with a range of AI-driven features aiding online store optimization and growth, and as a resource for online businesses.


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Pros and Cons


E-commerce operations enhancement
Seamless integration with human-produced text
High-quality, SEO-friendly articles
Faster content creation speeds
Blog Assistant for content creation
SEO Assistant for SEO suggestions
SEO progress tracking
Audit feature for SEO issues
Robust functionality
Value for money
Improves SEO rankings
Elevates online store optimization and growth
Increases efficiency
Facilitates proactivity with SEO
Enhanced online business growth
Content creation with outlines, keywords
Tailored SEO recommendations
SEO suggestions in seconds
Improvement in Google ranking
Search engine registration assistance
Actionable SEO recommendations
Free SEO audit
SEO historical score tracking
Quickly identifies SEO issues
SEO-friendly long-form articles
Efficient long-form content creation
Inclusion of call to actions in content
Remedial action guidance for SEO issues


Limited to e-commerce businesses
No text-to-speech capabilities
No multilingual support
No sentiment analysis feature
Limited SEO functionalities
No integration with other writing tools
No in-built plagiarism check
Limited word cap on free version
Doesn't support all platforms
Absence of detailed audit reporting


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