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Real voice & chat interactions through conversation.
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Humanlike is a conversational AI tool designed to automate voice and chat operations in a way that mimics human behavior and speech. It offers voice bots that can sound and act just like real humans, providing a natural and seamless customer experience.

The tool can be used across various industries, including real estate, logistics, finance, and more.With Humanlike, businesses can enhance their customer service by providing support through competent and friendly agents that are available 24/7.

It also enables users to schedule appointments at scale and securely provide payment details to vendors' IVR or live agents.The tool has been trusted by numerous organizations and has helped improve agent availability.

It allows companies to scale their operations without increasing headcount and reduces the need for outsourcing to contact centers. Humanlike boasts a high customer satisfaction rate and average cost reduction.The team behind Humanlike includes Vash Madhavan, the founder and CTO, who has extensive experience in NLP projects and has worked with Fortune 500 companies.

Andy Qin, the founder and CEO, previously played a key role in building and scaling a product line at Modern Treasury.In summary, Humanlike is a powerful conversational AI tool that uses voice bots to provide a human-like experience for customers.

It helps businesses automate their voice and chat operations, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize their workflows.


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Pros and Cons


Human-like voice interactions
24/7 availability
Scheduling appointments at scale
Secure payment support
High customer satisfaction
Average cost reduction
Industry versatility
Beneficial for customer service
Decreases dependency on outsourcing
Team with NLP experience
SOC 2 compliance
Risk-Free Trial available
Supports dispatch tasks
Useful for multiple industries


No text-to-speech customization
Industry limitations unspecified
No multi-language support mentioned
Undefined risk-free trial period
No direct integration with CRMs
Lack of user-friendly documentation
No mention of offline usage
Possible latency on high-volume usage
No sentiment analysis feature
No advanced analytics tools


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How does Humanlike mimic human behavior and speech?
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What is the average customer satisfaction rate of Humanlike?
Who are the creators of Humanlike and what are their backgrounds?
How does Humanlike improve agent availability?
What is the average cost reduction with Humanlike?
Does Humanlike offer a risk-free trial period?
Is Humanlike SOC 2 compliant?
Does Humanlike provides dispatch services?
How can I contact the Humanlike team?
Which are some of the known companies that trust Humanlike?
Can Humanlike operate 24/7?
What does 'Scale your operations without scaling headcount' mean in context of Humanlike?
What capabilities does Humanlike provide for PAY-BY-PHONE operations?
How does the Humanlike platform handle privacy and terms & conditions?

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