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U.S weather savant with a snarky twist
GPT welcome message: Ready for some sharply spelt U.S. weather snark?
Sample prompts:
What's the weather like in New York today?
Give me the forecast for Tampa, FL
How's Paris, France looking today?
How many shells did Sandy sell by the sea shore?
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Weather GPT is a specialized tool built upon the infrastructure of OpenAI's chatbot, ChatGPT. Despite its cheeky moniker, this GPT's prime function is centered on prediction and representation of U.S.

weather conditions. It provides a unique spin to standard weather forecasting by incorporating a passive-aggressive tone into its responses. However, its inherent functionality remains steadfastly focused on delivering comprehensive weather updates.

It responds to queries about current weather situations in specific U.S. locations, including forecasts. One could interact with it by asking, for instance, about the weather conditions in New York.

It can also provide weather predictions for other locations, such as Tampa, Florida. The prompts can be phrased in various ways, ensuring flexible user interaction.

To add an element of amusement, this tool also entertains some non-weather related queries, like tongue twisters. Despite the snark and humour, the Weather GPT provides accurate, real-time U.S.

weather information in an engaging, unconventional manner. A crucial point to note is that this tool requires users to have ChatGPT Plus.


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