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ByMohamed Abdalla
Providing up-to-date U.S. weather information.
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Sample prompts:
What's the weather like in New York today?
Can you show me the weather radar for Chicago?
What's the forecast for Los Angeles this week?
Are there any severe weather alerts for Miami right now?
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Weather Advisor is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) that provides current and accurate weather information specifically for locations within the United States.

By making use of the power of ChatGPT, it facilitates informative and prompt responses to a range of weather-related inquiries. Users can access weather forecasts for specific cities, view weather radar data, and even get notifications about severe weather condition alerts for their respective areas.

The tool uses conversation starters such as 'What's the weather like in New York today?', and 'Can you show me the weather radar for Chicago?' to engage with users and fetch the required information.

Weather Advisor's functionality extends to providing weather forecasts for the week as well. It is important to note that to utilize this tool, one needs to be a ChatGPT Plus member.

This GPT operates as a reliable and responsive solution to get detailed U.S. weather updates instantly.


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