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Saves time generating UI mockups.
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Kubo Create is an AI tool designed to generate UI mockups from text using generative AI. The tool assists in generating user interfaces that the users will love.

The Kubo Sidekick is available to assist users in creating better user experiences. With Kubo, users can enter text and get ready-to-use UI immediately, thus enhancing their ideation process.

Kubo allows users to export their creations to Figma, which is a popular interface design tool. The tool comes with a search bar to help in locating what you need.

The website contains a FAQ section where users can find answers to various questions they may have. The tool is currently in high demand, and users can sign up on the waitlist to access the tool once it becomes available.

Kubo Create is a time-saving tool that enhances the ideation process by automating the UI design process based on text input. The tool is well-suited for designers who have to design different UI interfaces regularly.

With Kubo, designers can generate high-quality UI mockups in no time, giving them more time to focus on refining their designs. The ability to export to Figma allows for a seamless transition to wireframing and the design process.

Overall, the Kubo Create promises to provide users with an effortless UI design process that delivers optimal results.


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Pros and Cons


Generates UI mockups
Generates from text
Kubo Sidekick available
Produces immediate ready-to-use UI
Exports designs to Figma
Has a search bar
FAQ section for questions
Waitlist option
Optimal for regular designers
Expedited UI design
High-quality mockups
Streamlines ideation
Infers context intelligently
Integrative with design tools
Suited for various user backgrounds
Provides design solutions
Supports custom designs
Consistent updates
Multiple interactive platforms


Limited to Figma exports
High demand with waitlist
Only IDE context inferred
Vague FAQ responses
Only English supported
No direct customer support
No mobile application
No code generation
Undefined customisation extent
No integration with sketch


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How to find specific functionalities in Kubo Create?
Why is Kubo Create high in demand?
How can I get on the waitlist for Kubo Create?
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How does Kubo Create enhance the ideation process?
Can I import my designs from other tools into Kubo Create?
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