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Website prompt integration and embedding platform.
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Pickaxe is a no-code platform that enables prompt engineers to integrate their generative AI prompts across their entire organization. It aims to bridge the gap between AI prompts and the people who use them.With Pickaxe, users can create and embed GPT-4 apps on websites without writing any code, making it accessible to non-technical users.

The platform offers a visual prompt-framing builder designed for prompt engineering, allowing users to train AI models on their expertise using their own documents, data, and directions.Pickaxe's dashboard allows users to monitor and improve the activity of their AI apps.

Users can view responses, give feedback, and continuously refine their apps as more data becomes available.The platform also provides pre-built templates to help users get started quickly, or users can create their own templates to share with others.

Pickaxe offers customization options so that AI tools can be embedded seamlessly into websites or internal dashboards.Pickaxe offers different pricing plans, including a free beginner plan, a gold plan with additional features like white-label embedded Pickaxes and access to GPT-4, and a partner plan for enterprise-level usage with customized solutions built around company data and tools.Overall, Pickaxe empowers prompt engineers to easily build, share, and manage AI-powered apps within their organization, regardless of technical expertise.


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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Accessible to non-technical users
Visual prompt-framing builder
Monitoring and improving via dashboard
Viewing responses, feedback
Continuous refinement of apps
Pre-built templates available
Custom template creation
Customization options for embedding
Free beginner plan available
Gold plan with extra features
Access to GPT-4 in Gold Plan
White-label embedded Pickaxes
Enterprise-level solutions with Partner Plan
Run prompts in Google Sheets
Trending public Pickaxes exploration
Document interrogation in Gold Plan
Unlimited usage in Partner Plan
Enterprise-level security in Partner Plan
Embedding directly on websites
Embedding on internal dashboards
Fine-tuning coming soon on Gold Plan
Supports creation and editing of limitless pickaxes
Option to clone pickaxes
Can view how people respond to prompts
Enterprise tier services for large volume businesses
Spreadsheet integrations for enterprise clients
Advanced white-labeling for enterprise clients
Custom templates for enterprise clients
Private cloned instance of Pickaxe website for enterprise clients
Option to monetize pickaxes through paywalls
Affiliate program availability
Improvement of Pickaxe through prompt design


Lack of native monetization
Credits used for every run
Extra fees for more credits
White-labeling only in Gold Plan
No direct API for integration
Limited customization options
Enterprise-level features restricted
Inability to share templates publicly
Extensive credit usage for testing
No offline usage capability


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Can I use my own documents, data, and directions to make AI work with Pickaxe?
What's the process to improve my Pickaxe through prompt design?
What is the partner plan of Pickaxe and who is it for?

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