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Build applications with Artificial Intelligence.
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Onelook is an AI tool designed to simplify the process of building applications by allowing users to describe the application in human language. Rather than the traditional code-writing approach, you interact with the AI in a natural conversation.

A key feature of this tool is that it generates both back-office views for administrators and non-admin views, catering to different levels of users. As the AI generates your application, you can review and refine it by providing more instructions.Moreover, Onelook comes equipped with built-in analytics, providing insights into your application data.

This makes it capable of visualizing application-specific metrics and analytics, a feature that might be crucial for understanding user behavior and app performance.User Guides are automatically created for your applications, a feature designed to help your users navigate and understand the functionalities more easily.

As an integral part of creating the application, the tool generates these guides, reducing the additional labour of manual instruction creation.Onelook is designed with a human-first approach.

Whenever there are ambiguities, the AI asks for clarifications, ensuring the conversation remains natural and intuitive. The tool's design principles emphasize guiding the conversation, gradually falling into the development process by asking for details as the conversation goes.Lastly, Onelook has a feature where it explains how to use certain features in plain English.

If you're unsure about anything, you can ask the AI to clarify. This establishes Onelook not only as a tool for building applications but also as a learning resource.


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Pros and Cons


Builds applications through conversation
Generates back-office and non-admin views
In-app review and refining
Built-in analytics
Visualizes application-specific metrics
Automatic user guide generation
Clarifies ambiguities in instructions
Guided application development
Feature explanation in plain English
Simplifies complex application building
Reduces manual instruction creation labor
Human-first design
App performance insights
Learning resource for app features


Depends on user language proficiency
High ambiguity resolution instances
Limited manual code customization
None specific data visualization tools
Automatic user guide limitations
Assuming correct user instructions
Reliant on internet connection
Possible data privacy concerns


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Can Onelook clarify app features in plain English?
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What is meant by Onelook's 'human-first' design?
What benefits does the natural language processing feature in Onelook offer?
What is the purpose of Onelook's multi-view generation?
How can I learn to use Onelook more effectively?
What does it mean to build applications with AI using Onelook?
Can I interact with Onelook through a natural conversation?
Can Onelook visualize user behavior and app performance?
How can I use Onelook as a learning resource?
What kind of applications can I build with Onelook?

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