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Lutra AI is an AI platform that aids users in integrating AI into their workflows easily and quickly in a non-technical manner. The platform offers capabilities to build and tailor AI workflows in minutes, with no coding requirement, making it user-friendly and accessible.

It contains several pre-built workflows, such as 'News Digest Generator', 'Email Labeler', and 'People Insights', each created to handle specific tasks.

Users can also build their own personalized workflows. The platform is designed to work hand-in-hand with existing apps, and provides the ability to inspect all actions taken, along with scheduling workflows for automatic operation.

It's particularly useful in automating tasks within the Google Workspace, like extracting information from a folder of PDF files in Google Drive, and organizing it into a Google Spreadsheet.

Moreover, Lutra AI continually works towards more integrations, and offers a channel for users to suggest such prospective features. While its cost was free during the beta phase, pricing plans are to be announced.

It emphasizes a strong commitment to user security and privacy, and is working towards SOC-2 compliance. Ultimately, Lutra AI aims to provide foundation models with tools to enhance the capabilities and scope of what they can deliver for users.


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Dec 21, 2023
Pretty cool. Like an AI Zapier on steroids.

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Lutra AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Easy workflow customization
App-friendly design
Action inspection capability
Workflow scheduling
Google Workspace automation
PDF data extraction
Spreadsheet organization
User-suggested feature integration
WIP SOC-2 compliance
User data security
Privacy emphasis
Provides foundation models
Works with existing apps
News Digest Generator workflow
Email Labeler workflow
People Insights workflow
Personalized workflow creation
Automatic operation capability
Goal expression via chat
App inspection feature
Supports Google Workspace
Effective data processing
Internet research automation
Free during beta phase
Commitment to integration expansion
Promised pricing transparency


Unclear pricing plans
Limited pre-built workflows
Focused on Google Workspace
No explicit API integration
Beta phase status
Not fully SOC-2 compliant
User-driven feature suggestions risky
Workflow customizability may be overwhelming
Limited application synchronization
Heavy reliance on user feedback


What is Lutra AI?
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Can I create my own workflows on Lutra AI?
How does Lutra AI work with existing apps?
How can I inspect actions taken by Lutra AI?
Can I schedule workflows for automatic operation in Lutra AI?
What tasks in the Google Workspace can Lutra AI automate?
Will Lutra AI help me extract data from PDF files in Google Drive and organize it into a Google Spreadsheet?
Can I suggest features for Lutra AI to integrate?
What will be the pricing plan for Lutra AI?
Is Lutra AI secure and how does it protect my privacy?
Is Lutra AI working towards SOC-2 compliance?
What does Lutra AI mean by 'foundation models'?
Can I automate my email labeling with Lutra AI?
How does the 'People Insights' workflow function in Lutra AI?
How do I go about building my own AI workflows on Lutra AI?
Can I run Lutra AI workflows to run automatically?
Can I extract information across a folder of PDF files in Google Drive with Lutra AI?

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