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Answering Zapier queries using OMP YouTube videos.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ask me anything about Zapier.
Sample prompts:
提供 Zapier 應用例子
在設定 Zapier 時,能否令 ChatGPT 引用我的公司資料回答?
在香港使用 ChaGPT 需要用 VPN ,如想在 Zapier 應用 AI 有什麼其他選擇?
Zapier 於會計 、bookkeeping 的應用
Generated by ChatGPT

OMP QA Demo is a GPT designed as an interactive tool to answer queries related to Zapier, a prominent web-based service that connects various apps and automates workflows.

With its reference to OMP YouTube video generation, it suggests wider-ranging capabilities in extracting information from visual content to enhance conversational responses.

The tool appears to cater primarily to a Chinese-speaking audience, as indicated by the prompt starters in Chinese, but it can certainly be relevant to any users seeking insights about Zapier's applications.

The GPT can yield examples of Zapier applications, address concerns about utilizing local data in Zapier settings, and suggest alternatives for applying AI in Zapier for users in regions where ChatGPT access might require VPN.

It also provides scope for discussing Zapier's usage in specific fields, such as accounting and bookkeeping. Users are required to sign up and it's worth noting that usage of OMP QA Demo requires ChatGPT Plus.

Above all, OMP QA Demo adds a layer of practicality by customizing information pull from YouTube videos and focusing its responses on Zapier-related inquiries, thus elucidating Zapier's utility to current and potential users.


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OMP QA Demo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2023.
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