Workflow automation 2023-03-16
Automated workflows for repetitive tasks.
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Argil is a no-code AI automation tool aimed at people who want to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks. The tool allows you to create custom automations for any type of task, such as building apps, using image and text AI features that are customized to your data.

With Argil, you can build workflows specific to your data, all without learning how to prompt. The AI-powered templates enable you to experiment in the studio, improve the image quality of your models, and personalize your results from creative assets such as people, styles, or products.

The platform integrates various tools and services, allowing you to streamline your work.Argil is designed to work with GPT text and image plugins, with settings that enable you to follow a one-minute plugin integration process.

The tool offers several pricing plans, from the free version to the enterprise version that provides unlimited models, credits, and automations. You can build workflows on the platform in a few clicks using provided templates, and then call your workflows directly from chatGPT.Argil emphasizes its commitment to data safety, with a guarantee that they do not have access to your datasets, models, and outputs, and they do not use your results to feed their algorithms.

In summary, Argil is a versatile no-code AI automation tool that saves time and improves productivity, enabling you to streamline your workflows and personalize results using custom AI features.

Argil was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Customizable automations
Optimized for repetitive tasks
GPT text and image plugins
One-minute plugin integration
Multiple pricing plans
Free version available
Enterprise version for unlimited models
Streamlines workflows
Improves image quality
Facilitates results personalization
Integrates with various tools
Inbuilt data safety features
Saves time
Boosts productivity
Easy workflow build
Uses templates
Direct call from ChatGPT
Promotes privacy
Does not use user data
Supports building apps quickly
Workflow calls directly from ChatGPT
Data not accessed by developers
Results not used to train algorithms
Friendly for beginners
Magic prompt feature
Allows for creativity
Models based on creative assets
Boosts team productivity
API for scalability
Capable of webhook integration
Supports external integrations
Models can be trained at scale
Facilitates integration management
Encourages community involvement
Live templates in enterprise version
Discounts offered on Product Hunt
Transforms text into automatic prompts
Reworks text with native features
Integrated ChatGPT
Facilitates experiment with free templates
Allows for design from personal assets
Community opens exploration opportunity


No mobile app available
One-minute plugin integration unclear
Only GPT text/image plugins
Limited free version capabilities
High prices for higher plans
Magic prompt feature might confuse
Limited integrations options
Tool specific to certain tasks
Requires datasets, models, and outputs


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