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Automate work with plain English.
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DryMerge is a tool designed to automate workflows through the use of plain English descriptions. It allows users to define their workflow requirements in natural language, and then implements these workflows automatically, without needing additional engineering work.

DryMerge is useful in automating repetitive processes for a variety of teams such as operations, sales, and support without the need to submit tickets and wait for engineering support.

It has a built-in chatbot that can handle API integrations and logic. The tool also offers seamless software integrations, connecting various SaaS tools like Slack, Gmail, and Notion, allowing data to be automatically sent across different apps.

DryMerge uses natural language as its interface to control software tools and build automations with a focus on understanding the interpersonal and nuanced nature of workflows.

DryMerge has a dedicated feature dedicated to product analytics, analyzing user conversations to continually improve automation accuracy and providing notifications when things go wrong.


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DryMerge was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 22nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates workflows with English
No additional engineering required
Reduces need for tickets
Built-in chatbot for APIs
Seamless software integrations
Works with Slack, Gmail, Notion
Transfers data between apps
Natural language interface
Understands nuanced workflows
Feature for product analytics
Improves automation accuracy
Notifications for errors
Operations, sales, support automation
Chatbot handles logic
Pre-built tool integrations
Supports new app connections
Authentication handled in-chat
Understands interpersonal names
Handles nuanced language
Can deal with conditions
Improves quality over time
Visibility into long automations
Suggests fixes for errors


Limited number of SaaS integrations
Dependent on textual inputs
Complex workflows may confuse
Chatbot logic limitations
Dependent on chatbot understanding
Limited granular control of workflows
No multilingual support
Limited Use policies
Troubleshooting requires analytics study
No offline functionality


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How does DryMerge use AI to improve automation accuracy?
Can DryMerge analyze conversations?
How does the built-in chatbot in DryMerge work?
How does DryMerge handle API integrations?
Does using DryMerge require any additional engineering work?
Can DryMerge be used for support automation?
What functions can DryMerge automate for operation teams?
What software can DryMerge integrate with?
How can DryMerge improve process automation?
What is the role of the dedicated analytics feature in DryMerge?
How can DryMerge help reduce the need to submit tickets and wait for engineering support?
How does DryMerge understand the interpersonal and nuanced nature of workflows?
What are DryMerge's product analytics capabilities?
Does DryMerge provide any kind of notifications or alerts?
How does DryMerge handle software interoperability?

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