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No-Code AI app & automation builder for business users. Thunderbit consolidates AI apps and automations using No Code and offers you a usage-based pricing.

Thunderbit also comes with a built-in Web Assistant: 1 Click to summarize or chat with your web page.

Why build Thunderbit

Let's be honest here, no code tools are hard to use for business users: spending hours trying to learn a new tool only to find it cannot solve your problem.

What if there were a better way? See a template, and build it with just 1-Click. There is no complicated process flow, there is no need to understand code. The team at Thunderbit has years of experience in building no code / low code products, and we want to solve this problem.

Why Thunderbit

- Unlike other No-Code tools, you can build apps and automation just by clicking your mouse, without drag-and-drop or a complicated interface. Just select and use instantaneously
- We know you won't be building apps all day. That's why Thunderbit's web assistant is right in your browser!
- Why pay for a bunch of AI tools when they all use GPT-4? Thunderbit combines AI apps and automations with No Code and offers usage-based pricing
- Way more AI-powered templates coming

Some AI apps that you can build in clicks:
- AI Web Clipper: Upon clicking, AI reads the website and fill in your desired table as a new row. Let AI do the data entry.
- Web Data Extractor: Want to scrape a table out of a webpage? Input the column names and AI will extract and build the table for you.
- PDF Parser: Upload bunch of PDFs and let AI extract key infos from each and fill in the table you already have. Use cases including parsing resumes, company annual reports
- Voice Note Taker: Record your voice, say it in whatever order, AI will help you structure your thoughts and output a structured notes. Or, you can use AI to extract to a spreadsheet.

Some AI Automation you can build in clicks:
- AI Extract Incoming Email to Table: Extract Uber Lyft receipt emails to your expense table.
- AI Assisted Data Sync: Sync real time data between Google Sheets, Airtable or Notion. AI will do the data cleaning for you. (e.g. Address Enrichment etc.)

A lot more AI-Powered-Templates coming!
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Pros and Cons


Offer an array of apps
Simplify automation tasks
Minimal to no coding
Features for writing and content detection
Automated Voice and Image recognition
Summarizes web content
Elucidates complex texts
Multilanguage text conversion
Contextual understanding in dictionary definitions
Automated personalized emails from spreadsheets
Interprets legal documents in plain language
Enables web searches
Drag-and-drop feature for customizations
Interoperable with other popular applications
Content generation feature
Free-tier available forever
Deploy Apps and Automations in 1-Click
Intuitive business automation interface


No offline functionality
Possible lack of privacy
Limited prebuilt app selection
Dependency on third-party apps
Potential language translation inaccuracy
Limited user-interface customization
Uncertain scalability for large businesses
Complex interfacing for beginners
No mobile application support


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