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Create eBooks effortlessly with Automateed, the AI-powered writing tool.
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Automateed is an AI-powered ebook creation tool designed to expedite and simplify the book writing and design processes. This all-in-one platform accommodates both novice and veteran authors, using AI to create unique and finely-tuned written content.

The tool's key feature is to generate entire ebooks, inclusive of images, within a significantly reduced time span compared to traditional methods. Automateed also has an integrated image creator, powered by AI, which aids authors and designers to create engaging and relevant images for ebook covers or chapter images using simple text prompts.

Beyond content and design, the tool assists in concept development with capabilities to suggest niche and subniche topics, title ideas and more. Users will be able to customize the generated book, further enhancing its relevance and appeal to the target audience.

Moreover, Automateed comes equipped with marketing capabilities, supporting over 50 tasks associated with high-quality ebook creation. Overall, Automateed provides a comprehensive solution to expedite and improve ebook content creation, design, and marketing.


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Automateed was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 7th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Generates entire ebooks
Includes images in ebooks
Drastically reduced book creation time
Image creation from text prompts
Assists in concept development
Suggests niche and subniche topics
Suggests title ideas
Enables book customization
Equipped with marketing capabilities
Supports 50+ tasks for high-quality ebook creation
Interactive ebook maker
One-click ebook generation
Unique ebook content generation
Automated workflow from idealization to realization
Carries out marketing tasks
Novel and informational book generation
Book format customization
Book download option
Offers free trial
Creates books with included images
Empowers niche, subniche, topic, title, and outline creation
Optimized for all devices
Emphasizes user experience
Constant updates based on user feedback
Easy-to-use interface
Prompt and efficient ebook editor
Ensures data security
All interactions on the tool are encrypted
Supports all major credit cards and PayPal
Subscribers benefit from new updates and features
Allows for book labeling and crediting removals


No offline functionality
Requires stable internet connection
Limited image prompts
Time cost for customizations
Possible generative limitations
One design style
Automated marketing limited to 50 tasks
Requires user intervention for outline approval
Lack of multi-lingual support


What is Automateed?
How does Automateed assist both novice and veteran authors?
What is the key feature of Automateed?
How does Automateed reduce the time span for ebook creation?
What is the role of AI in Automateed?
How does the integrated image creator in Automateed work?
In what ways does Automateed assist in concept development?
How can users customize the ebooks generated by Automateed?
What marketing capabilities does Automateed offer?
How does Automateed improve the ebook content creation process?
How does Automateed expedite the design process of ebooks?
Does Automateed provide images for the ebooks?
What is the role of text prompts in Automateed?
Can Automateed suggest title ideas for ebooks?
How does Automateed ensure the relevance and appeal of the generated content to the target audience?
In what ways does Automateed support high-quality ebook creation?
Can Automateed suggest niche and subniche topics for ebooks?
Is Automateed suitable for professional authors?
How is Automateed different from traditional methods of ebook creation?
What makes Automateed an all-in-one platform for ebook creation?

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