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Automate business processes rapidly with AI.
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Workflow86 is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered platform designed for businesses to automate their operations and workflows. Its core functionality includes documenting and automating business processes, making it a useful tool for a variety of use cases such as onboarding, reviews and approvals, service requests, data collection, document automation, and internal documentation.

One key feature of Workflow86 is its ability to transform descriptions, ideas, or requirements into actionable and functional business processes. It not only builds these processes but also allows for continuous editing and iteration based on user input.

Aside from process automation, Workflow86 also offers features like a built-in form builder for data collection, task management for balancing automation with human intervention, and API connectors for integration with existing tools.

It also comes with built-in tables designed to work harmoniously with the platforms workflows, which can help businesses move away from spreadsheet-based record keeping.

Workflow86 combines the analytical prowess of a business analyst with the technical capabilities of a systems engineer, making it a co-pilot in designing, building, and implementing business solutions.


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Pros and Cons


Automates business operations
Documenting business processes
Transforms descriptions into processes
Continuous process editing
Built-in form builder
Task management feature
API connectors for integration
Built-in tables for records
Multi-use case capabilities
Onboarding automation
Service requests automation
Document automation
Internal documentation capabilities
Operationalizes ideas
On-the-go process adjustments
Balances automation with human input
Integrated task management
Integrates with existing tools
Enables shift from spreadsheets
Visually maps processes
Handles component selection
Handles architectural planning
Handles database creation
Process editability based on instructions
From idea to solution rapidly
Minimized learning curve
Onboarding workflow design
IT service request management
Context-aware process changes
Scalable software creation
Review and approval workflows
Intake form and survey creation
Document and file automation
Offers core building blocks
Handling complex buisness operations
Data collection via forms
Human-in-the-loop steps support
Unifying data with built-in tables
Incorporates existing tools
Custom code deployment
Edge case coverage
Intuitive visual canvas
Creates interactive documents
Trigger actions and workflows
Single interface for task completion


Limited to business processes
Learning curve can be non-zero
Possible editing confusion
Must synchronize with existing processes
No customization for less common processes
Requires continuous modification
Dependent on external tools
Limited integration options
Human-in-the-loop steps required
Tables and forms can't be standalone


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