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Create art, manage tasks, automate with AI.
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Odyssey is a native Mac application powered by AI and advanced machine learning models, designed to create art, perform tasks, and automate redundant tasks without coding.

The tool is designed to cater to a diverse range of user groups and their specific needs.For students, the tool might aid in various academic tasks such as writing essays and solving complex math problems.

Educators can use the tool to generate lesson plans or writing prompts using its large language models. Artists can leverage its custom image-generation models, ControlNet, and image-processing nodes to enhance their creations.

Marketers might use the tool to generate social media captions and unique AI imagery using brand assets.Photographers could benefit from the software's ability to create varied versions of a single product image, leverage powerful segmentation models to position products into unique scenes, or change a models wardrobe.

AI hobbyists and developers might find that the tool simplifies tasks by providing alternatives to locally run solutions and APIs, with an additional advantage of respecting user privacy.Interior designers can use the app to reimagine room images with different design details, updated furniture, or an entire refurbishment.

Finally, Data Analysts can load their data into Odyssey and use it along with different language models to draw conclusions and insights from their data.


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May 17, 2024
Easy to get real results. Blown away!
May 17, 2024
Beautiful Mac app for locally run AI models plus dozens of different image and text processing nodes. So much you can do in one place and adding new features constantly.

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Pros and Cons


Native Mac application
Serves diverse user groups
Custom image-generation models
Task automation without coding
Assists in essay writing
Generates social media captions
Alternate to locally run solutions
Respects user privacy
Reimagines room images
Assists data analysis
Large language models
Write prompt generation
Easier product imaging
Powerful segmentation models
Improves development time
ChatGPT and Llama2 integration
Data comparison with industry standards
Turns sketches to realistic photos
Helps educators generate lesson plans
Resizes and upscales images
Powerful image processing nodes
ControlNet for personalized imagery
Generate varied product versions
Elevates creative workflows
Generators conversations with historical figures
Master tool for creators
Completes redundant tasks
Speeds up development time
Change models wardrobe in images
Alternatives to APIs
User-friendly drag-and-drop interface
Respects user privacy
Odyssey for funnel metrics
Revision of furniture in images
Product images segmentation
Bulk actions for photographers
Provides alternatives to other tools


Only compatible with Mac
No coding options
Privacy concerns with APIs
Limited learning models
Limited image-processing nodes
Limited alternatives to APIs
Inefficient for simple actions
No support for Jupyter notebooks
No realistic image generation
Inefficient data comparison

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