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Enhance Team Chats with AI-Powered Focus and Productivity
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Glue is a work chat application designed to facilitate focused, AI-assisted conversations. It combines the functionalities of a regular chat tool with the power of AI, creating a smarter work chat platform that enables integration between people, applications, and AI systems.

At the heart of Glue is the Glue AI, an intelligent assistant that can be invoked from any thread, designed to iterate on ideas, provide feedback, and summarise information, leading to more productive conversations.

A distinguishing feature is the ability to choose a model to power Glue AI, including offerings from OpenAI or Anthropic, hinting at adaptability and customization.

Moreover, glued AI works in unison with the team, offering group benefits. Context is a key component of this tool, as it understands threads and groups and can cross-reference with documents batched with the current thread to provide answers.

Another key aspect of this tool is the empowerment of threads, enabling a unique and flexible way of conversation as users can add someone to a single thread, add multiple groups to a thread or reply in a new thread to fork the conversation.

Additionally, Glue allows for integrations with several other productivity tools. Finally, Glue provides a platform for developers to integrate their favorite apps and workflows, with a public API and app platform soon to be launched.


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Glue was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 14th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Integrated chat
Intelligent assistant
Thread-based communication
IDEA feedback
Information summarisation
Team collaboration tools
Context understanding
Cross-referencing with documents
Flexible conversation structuring
Productivity tools integration
Developer integration platform
Public API launching
Thread-, group- or individual-targeted chats
Integration of favorite apps
Supports multiple group chats
Thread branching
Inbox for important threads
Thread marking for workflow
Feed for exploring chats
Notification organization into threads
Glue API for workflows
App platform for third-party developers
Inbuilt Slack-compatible webhook support
Upcoming public API
Thread surfing
Document scanning for info
Model choice flexibility
Oriented for developers
Smarter work chat
Single thread addition
Group multiple addition
Thread forking
Individual API key
Multi-threaded conversations
Channel-independent threads
Notification to thread transformation
Thread-defined recipient


Complex thread management
Lacks public API
No app platform yet
Waitlist for access
Potential information overload
Dependent on user's context understanding
Limited integrations
No desktop app mentioned
No encryption mentioned


How can Glue AI assist with my conversations?
What specific functionalities does Glue AI have?
Can I customize the AI model powering Glue?
Who are the AI model providers for Glue AI?
How does Glue AI work in collaboration with team?
In what context can Glue AI perform?
How does Glue AI manage threads and groups?
Can Glue AI cross-reference with documents batched within a thread?
What are the unique conversation styles enabled by thread-based communication in Glue?
How does Glue integrate with external productivity tools?
Which third-party apps and workflows can be integrated with Glue?
Is there a public API available for Glue?
What is Glue's upcoming app platform?
How does Glue empower developers to integrate their favorite apps and workflows?
What benefits does the 'Threads, no channels attached' feature offer?
How does Glue utilize AI in a multiplayer work set-up?
How does Glue AI interact with multiple users in a thread?
What are the benefits of the 'Context is powerful' feature in Glue?
How does Glue handle group organization relating to teams, topics, or projects?
Can I bring AI into my work by invoking Glue AI from any thread?

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