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Powering bold idea-sharing in teams, spat by spat
GPT welcome message: Powering bold idea-sharing in teams, spat by spat. How can I assist today?
Sample prompts:
What is the SpatzAI Charter Agreement?
How should I address a team mate that is being overly dogmatic with me?
How should I address a team member's unfair naysaying
Why is it important to address and resolve our spats?
What is the SpatzAI web address?
How does SpatzAI create AI powered psychological safety?
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SpatzAI is a GPT that is engineered towards enhancing the sharing of bold ideas within a team atmosphere, one spat at a time. An intriguing facet of this GPT is its overall approach in addressing and resolving inter-team conflicts or 'spats', boosting psychological safety within the workspace.This tool harnesses the capabilities of ChatGPT to provide users with clear, articulate responses to their inquiries.

Whether it's a question regarding the SpatzAI Charter Agreement or how to deal with a team member's unfair criticisms, SpatzAI is programmed with the capacity to provide pertinent advice.

It also educates users on various aspects related to team relations, such as how to address a teammate who is being overly dogmatic.One key feature of SpatzAI is its commitment to the concept of 'psychological safety'.

It utilizes AI to help create environments where team members can express their concerns and ideas without experiencing discomfort or the fear of backlash.

By doing so, it aims to promote harmony, understanding, and productivity within teams.In using SpatzAI, users are required to sign up for access, and link it with their ChatGPT Plus account.

This tool also offers a prompt for users who may require help on possible conversation starters or queries that are pertinent to their team dynamics and SpatzAI interaction.In essence, SpatzAI serves as an AI-powered interpersonal coach, offering guidance and prompting fruitful discussions about team disagreements, with the ultimate goal of fostering a more safe, open dialogue environment and boosting idea sharing among team members.


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