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Save time and improve your productivity with a Taskbase personal assistant supported by AI.
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Taskbase offers a platform to provide personal and executive assistant services which are supported by AI technologies. Taskbase is designed to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and busy professionals reduce stress and increase productivity by saving time usually spent on administrative activities.

The company assigns a dedicated assistant to each user, capable of carrying out a wide range of tasks, from diary management to event planning, invoicing, finance, market research, email management, and data cleaning.

Taskbase assistants are selected from the top percentiles of applicants, which ensures their expertise and ability to handle different tasks. Taskbase also allows you to train your assistant for regular tasks specific to your business.

The assistants can be onboarded quickly, helping users start delegating tasks almost instantly. The company provides flexibility to adjust or cancel services as business needs change.

A distinguishing feature of Taskbase is the integration with more than 6,000 digital destinations using Zapier. This enables tasks created on Taskbase to be pushed to platforms like WhatsApp, Notion, Slack, Trello, Clickup and more.


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Taskbase was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 13th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Dedicated personal assistant
Top percentile assistant selection
Fast assistant onboarding
Service flexibility for business needs
Adjustable services according to business change
Task integration with 6,000+ digital destinations
Integration with tools like WhatsApp, Notion, Slack, Trello
Hands-on assistance in administrative activities
Diary management
Event planning support
Invoice and finance handling
Market research service
Email management capability
Data cleaning
Bespoke regular tasks training
Entrepreneur and business-oriented services
Time-saving tool
Affordable compared to local hiring
Handling of hiring and management stress
Savings on recruitment, hiring and training costs
Savings on desk space, IT equipment
Savings on employee sick and holiday pay
Can outsource up to 50 tasks
Offers a free task to new users
Start saving 80 hours per month
Decreases recruitment and hiring costs
Assistants fully managed by Taskbase
Free assistant replacement
Up and running within 72 hours
No long-term commitment
Scalable services per business needs
Handles variety of administrative tasks
Top 5% rigorous assistant vetting
Affordable monthly plans
Consultation call for plan selection
Customer testimonials available


Requires Zapier for integrations
No direct API mentioned
Potential entrepreneurial skill bias
Scalability constraints with assistants
Relience on manual onboarding
Dependent on assistant availability
Service variations based on assistant
Unclear data security protocols


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Can I cancel or adjust my Taskbase services?
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How can Taskbase assist in invoicing and finance?
How does Taskbase contribute in saving time and improving productivity?
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What is the real cost of hiring a Taskbase assistant?
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How can Taskbase integrate with my existing work tools?

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