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Easily build intelligent virtual assistants tailored to your data
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QuestWiz is an AI tool designed to empower businesses to create personalized virtual assistants trained on their specific data and business knowledge. It provides a platform for developing and deploying AI-powered chatbots tuned to specific use cases, such as documentation, customer support, and sales enablement.

Users can feed the platform with various data formats (TXT, DOCX, PPT, CSV, PDF, XML sitemaps, webpages) to train the AI assistant. It uses advanced AI capabilities to analyze the accumulated documents and learn from the given data.

The built AI assistant can take care of repetitive tasks, such as responding to frequently asked questions, saving valuable time. It also can act as an expert on company processes, finding information from accumulated documents in seconds, effectively acting as an internal knowledge search tool.

Moreover, QuestWiz provides an option to embed the AI assistant on users' websites with custom widgets, enhancing self-service and boosting user satisfaction.

The platform aims to increase productivity by connecting AI-powered insights to chosen apps, while significantly lowering support costs. This tool strives to transform customer support by improving efficiency, automation, and customer satisfaction.


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QuestWiz was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized virtual assistants
Tuned to specific use cases
Supports multiple data formats
Advanced document analysis
FAQ automation
Internal knowledge search tool
Customizable website widgets
Improves customer self-service
Increases productivity
Lowers support costs
Promotes customer satisfaction
Turns data into productivity
Quick assistant creation
Optimizes FAQ responses
Analyzes company processes
Connection to chosen apps
Effects efficient documentation
Promotes sales enablement
Data and support documentation connection
Saves time on administrative tasks
Documentation-based chatbot training
Business knowledge-based training
Boosts user satisfaction
Supports 50+ languages
Instant customer question resolution
Transforms customer support
Enterprise-level solutions
Supports TXT, DOCX, PPT, CSV, PDF, XML data
Supports webpage-based training
Easy to embed on websites
Acts as company process expert
Automatically learns from FAQ data
Secure data upload
Empowers end-users
Cuts support work in half


Limited data format support
No multi-language capability
No multi-chatbot management
Lacks real-time sentiment analysis
No in-built live chat feature
No explicit security measures
Lacks third-party integration options
No documentation generation
No voice assistant feature
No open API mentioned


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Can the AI assistant in QuestWiz find information from accumulated documents instantly?
Can QuestWiz's AI assistant be embedded on my website?
How can QuestWiz enhance self-service for my business?
Does QuestWiz connect AI-powered insights to apps?
How does QuestWiz aim to lower support costs?
In what ways can QuestWiz transform customer support?
How does QuestWiz automate the task of responding to FAQs?
What type of use cases can be built with QuestWiz?
Can QuestWiz analyze all of my company's accumulated documents?
Does QuestWiz have an internal knowledge search feature?
How can QuestWiz save my employees' time on administrative tasks?
How does QuestWiz act as an expert on company processes?
How is QuestWiz helpful in creating a personalized AI assistant?
Can I customize the widgets when embedding QuestWiz on my website?
How does QuestWiz contribute to better customer satisfaction?
Does QuestWiz provide assistance in multiple languages?

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