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Amy simplifies your life at work.
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Amy is a conversational AI-powered assistance tool designed to streamline numerous areas of your day-to-day work life. As a voice assistant, Amy can automate tasks such as scheduling meetings, managing tasks, and accessing information.

Amy's capabilities also dive into the HR sector, where it can manage attendance, leaves, and more, making it an essential tool for any HR team. Amy's responsibilities stretch into web management, allowing users to post blogs, schedule interviews, and keep the general digital space organized.

From a recruitment perspective, Amy can discern the best talent for contract or full-time jobs, thus fine-tuning the hiring process. Project management is another area where Amy adds value by bringing relevant project and team performance information to the forefront.

Amy emphasizes a seamless experience, integrating with other apps in your enterprise collaboration workspace for file sharing, chat, and video call functions.

Additionally, Amy upholds strong data privacy and security standards, adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS). This ensures that cardholder data is secured and fraud is prevented.

Furthermore, for convenience and security, Amy hosts all data in U.S. data centres.


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Amy Pro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automated task management
HR function assistance
Simplified Web Management
Interactive voice-based recruitment
Streamlined project management
Smooth app integration
Efficient file sharing
Web chat and video call
High Data Privacy Standards
PCIDSS Compliant
Data hosted in U.S.
Enterprise grade functionality
Supports group messaging
Time and attendance control
Blog, job posting automation
Smart talent discerning
One-to-one message function
Effortless collaboration workspace
Posts blogs on your command
Recruitment automation for full time and contract jobs
Intuitive calendar management
Integrated timesheet submission
Automated payroll data delivery
Access to marketplace data
Robust security features
Ready to use templates
Accessible HR data
Seamless timesheet approval
Payments with voice command
Efficient hiring process
Scalable for large enterprises
Automatic website updates
Automated applicant notifications
Contractor data access
Schedule monitoring
Smart work allocation
Project plan tracking
Task reminder setup
Enterprise workspace productivity
Effortless meeting scheduling
Advanced voice controls
Advanced FAQ integration
Access to Marketplace Apps
Built-in security features
Advanced Data Privacy
Automated offer issuance
Improves Business Efficiency


Limited to U.S. data centres
Relies on voice commands
No multilingual support mentioned
Not explicitly GDPR compliant
Potential over-reliance on Amy
No offline functionality stated
No stated compatibility with all collaborative workspaces
Not tailored to non-business use
Limited to enterprise solutions


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Which enterprise collaboration apps does Amy integrate with?
Does Amy support file sharing, chat, and video call functions?
How does Amy uphold data privacy and security standards?
What is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and how does Amy Pro adhere to it?
Does Amy host data in U.S. data centres?
How does Amy assist with messaging and meeting scheduling?
How does Amy contribute to task and time management?
How does Amy simplify human resources?
In what ways does Amy assist with web management tasks?
What are Amy's capabilities in recruitment?
How does Amy simplify project management?
How does Amy integrate with other enterprise collaboration apps?
What are the security features of Amy?
Does Amy adhere to PCI DSS and how does it ensure cardholder data security?

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