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Trelent is an AI-powered chat assistant designed specifically for secure company communications. Unlike typical chatbots, Trelent prioritizes security, encrypting all data to ensure that it remains inaccessible to outside parties, including Trelent's own team.

The tool follows a strict philosophy of continually encrypted content, limiting the risks of data exposure. Trelent offers robust security features including field-level encryption, disabling content logging typically used in monitoring abuse, and the option for companies to bring their own encryption keys for added security.

Trelent's goal is to provide companies a safe environment to use AI, specifically designed to alleviate concerns around data privacy in a workspace setting.

The tool provides options for public cloud and single-tenant deployments, and even offers the option for the software to be installed on company hardware for the most security-conscious organizations.

It essentially functions as an 'eyes-off' AI assistant, giving teams a secure and effective tool to boost productivity without compromising on data security.


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Trelent was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 6th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Specialized secure communications
Data encryption at all times
Field-level encryption
Disabling content logging
Bring-your-own encryption keys option
Public cloud deployments
Single-tenant deployments
On-premise installation option
Boosts productivity securely
Data inaccessible to outsiders
Decreases data exposure risk
Workspace privacy enhancement
Custom encryption support
GUI deployments supported
Option to disable logging
Data inaccessible to Trelent team
Negotiates with providers to stop logging
Database fields encrypted
Option for customer-controlled main key
Rogue employee data access prevention
Quick support response time
Data integrations coming soon
Admin dashboard coming soon
White-glove support available
Dedicated account manager for on-premise


Costly single-tenant deployment setup
Limited functionality on public cloud
Slower response time for support
High entry requirement for on-prem
Certain features still under development
Security features could complicate usage
No multilingual support mentioned
No mobile application version mentioned
Absence of real-time data analysis
No indication of scalability


What is Trelent?
How does Trelent ensure the security of company data?
What is the 'eyes-off' feature of Trelent?
What is the meaning of 'field-level encryption' in Trelent?
What does it mean to 'bring your own encryption keys' in Trelent?
What is a single-tenant deployment offered by Trelent?
Can Trelent be installed on my company's hardware?
How does Trelent improve productivity?
What makes Trelent different from typical chatbots?
Does Trelent log content or messages?
How does Trelent help with data privacy concerns in a workspace setting?
Is my data accessible to Trelent's own team?
What sectors or industries can benefit from using Trelent?
Does Trelent offer a public cloud deployment option?
Why would my company use an AI chat assistant like Trelent?
How does Trelent handle cases of monitoring abuse?
How does Trelent protect against data exposure risk?
What does it mean that Trelent encrypts 'everything, everywhere, all the time'?
What type of support is available for Trelent users?
Does Trelent offer customized plans for different company sizes?

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