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Ayraa is an AI-powered tool designed to act as a personal search and knowledge assistant in the workplace. It is designed to integrate with and manage multiple work-related applications, functioning as a central hub for search and discovery.

Ayraa's main features include;Enterprise Search & Assist: This feature provides an advanced AI-powered search engine and answer bot, designed to search across all your work applications.Scribe, Deck & Recall Links: Scribe assists users in capturing, organizing, and publishing strategic long-form memos.

Deck offers updates from across the company in an asynchronous format. Recall Links aids in managing short, memorable, and shared links for your organization.Search: Ayraa features an enterprise search with a Q&A-style chat interface that works across the entire workspace, enabling users to conversationally search and query company knowledge across various applications.Slack Sidekick and Connectors: These features provide automation and deep API integrations respectively for enhanced native search, crawling and knowledge publishing without the need to leave Slack.Ayraa's upcoming features include human-verified collections of links, files, documents to aid Search & Assist, and a learning management system for employee training.

The tool also offers various platforms for seamless usage including a browser extension, a dedicated desktop app, and mobile applications for iOS and Android.


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Ayraa was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 8th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Q&A-style chat interface
Personalized knowledge management
Integration with multiple applications
Helps to centralize work
Integrates with Slack
Automation in Slack
Deep API integrations
Mobile applications for iOS and Android
Browser extension
Dedicated desktop app
Scribe helps in capturing and organizing memos
Deck brings company updates
Recall Links for shared links management
Upcoming features include human-verified collections
Learning management system in development
Assistance with bug resolution
Customer support assistance
Aids in diagnosing root causes
Knowledge publishing without leaving Slack
Summarizes long web pages
Allows to save critical pages
Interactive chat with complex web pages
Real-time sync from anywhere
Uninterrupted workflow in Slack
Clean, minimalist desktop interface
Notifications to mobile in real-time
Secured by AWS Cloud
SOC2 Type 1 Certified
Single-sign On Authentication
Personal, self-organizing, knowledge base
Universal search
Unified communication updates
Personalized recommendations
Eliminates information silos
Discover relevant knowledge
Reduces context switching
Tailored insights & productivity updates
Organizational memory access
Consolidate knowledge
Streamline notifications
Chat within Slack
Accessible from all favorite apps
Uncluttered workspace interfaces
Helpful virtual assistant
Beneficial for multiple departments
Reduces information overload


No integration with non-Slack apps
Limited to work-related applications
Dependent on external APIs
Features not fully released
No stated support for Linux
Requires continuous data capture
Potential privacy concerns
Prone to information overload
Limited language capabilities
Cannot automate non-Slack tasks


What is Ayraa?
How does Ayraa integrate with work-related applications?
Can you explain how the Enterprise Search & Assist feature works in Ayraa?
How does Ayraa's Scribe feature assist with organizing memos?
What is the purpose of Deck and Recall Links in Ayraa?
Can you talk about the search feature of Ayraa and how it works across the workspace?
How does Ayraa's Slack Sidekick function?
What are the Connectors in Ayraa used for?
Are there any upcoming features in Ayraa?
Can Ayraa be used for employee training?
In what platforms is Ayraa available?
How does Ayraa's browser extension enhance its functionality?
How can Ayraa assist in answering queries based on company knowledge?
What are the benefits of Ayraa's deep API integrations?
How can Ayraa aid in managing links for an organization?
Does Ayraa offer a mobile application?
What is Ayraa's approach to data security?
How does Ayraa enhance productivity in the workspace?
Can Ayraa help in diagnosing root causes based on a historical log of incidents?
Does Ayraa offer a free trial?

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