Automate your business processes with E42—a cognitive process automation platform.
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E42 is a cognitive process automation platform designed to enable businesses to automate their operations using AI. The tool allows the creation of multi-functional AI workers tailored for every enterprise function including HR, IT operations, customer service, and finance among others.

These AI workers can handle a range of tasks such as invoice processing, n-way matching, GL code mapping, and more.The platform aims to provide end-to-end process automation while keeping data security a top priority.

It maintains high standards of protection and confidentiality for sensitive business information. Furthermore, E42 is designed to work seamlessly alongside a human workforce, aiming to boost productivity and the overall business experience, and promote cost savings.In addition to core automation capabilities, E42 also offers a generative AI designed for intelligent knowledge management.

These models can be tailored specifically for individual businesses,enabling a new era of enterprise cognition. The platform also nurtures a community of leading SIs, OEMs, and tech enablers through its partner network, promoting collaborative effort to create intelligent enterprises.Focused on ensuring ethical AI, E42 has committed to ESG considerations, including carbon footprint reduction and active efforts to combat biases.

The platform does not require advanced tech expertise to use, demonstrating its commitment to simplicity and accessibility in AI-enabled process automation.


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E42 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automation for all enterprise functions
High data security standards
Works alongside human workforce
Boosts productivity
Promotes cost savings
Tailored models for each business
Promotes community collaboration
Committed to ESG considerations
Easy to use, no tech expertise needed
Can automate complex tasks
Supports various industry sectors
Includes invoice processing, n-way matching, GL code mapping
Intelligent handling of tasks
On-premise language model possibility
Supports end-to-end automation
Combats biases
Fosters partner network for diverse solutions
Offered channels - web, email, Slack, Google Chat, SharePoint, IVR
Technologies include face recognition, intelligent document processing
Deployment options - on-cloud, on-premises, hybrid
Data security assurance - 3rd party VAPT, OWASP tools, ISO27001
Multiple integration options
Quick deployment and scalability
Seamless integration with existing systems
Efficiency increase
Average boost in engagement
Personalized user experience
Single omnichannel interface
Actionable insights from data
Higher value roles for humans
Supports multiple known CRM softwares


Limited industry focus
Lack of customization details
No stated integration with CRM systems
No free trial mentioned
Complex setup potentially
Lack of detail on model training
Data privacy concerns
Data verification not mentioned
Unclear model retraining process

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