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Automated team productivity through project management.
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Dart is an AI-powered project management tool designed to automate and simplify the process of managing tasks and projects. With Dart, teams can save up to a third of their time spent on project management by utilizing GPT-4 technology to handle administrative tasks and focus on actual project work.

The platform offers an intuitive command center and extensive keyboard commands for easy navigation and quick completion of tasks. Dart allows teams to effortlessly plan tasks, subtasks, and projects, and automatically roll over sprint cycles with complete flexibility.

Additionally, Dart can be customized to fit the specific workflows and patterns of individual teams, streamlining communication and enabling collaboration across functions and roles.

Dart also offers a wide range of integrations with popular tools such as email, Slack, GitHub, and Notion, ensuring that teams can work seamlessly across multiple platforms without switching contexts.

With Dart, teams can avoid the standard overhead of project management, increase productivity, and accelerate their management processes. Overall, Dart is an excellent option for teams looking to optimize their workflow, save time, and improve collaboration.

Dart was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated task management
Save a third of time
Utilizes GPT-4 technology
Command center for easy navigation
Extensive keyboard commands
Effortless task and subtask planning
Flexible sprint cycle rollovers
Customizable team workflows
Cross-functional role collaboration
Integration with Slack and Github
No context switching needed
Standard overhead reduction
Increase in productivity
Management process acceleration
Workplace personalization available
Task description auto-fill
Task auto-categorization
Auto task assignment
Subtask breakdown
Task sizing and prioritization
Task scheduling automation
Shortcut enhancements
Automated cycle running
Team progress tracking
timeline planning
Workflow teaching
Workplace brainstorming
Stump and block resolution
Workspace customization
Status and tag customization
Synergy communication optimization
Context preservation
Design attachment to tasks
Issue tracking
GitHub integration
Pipeline view for sales
Target tracking
Workspace configuration for management
Task and milestone planning
Timeline and goal clarity
Notion integration
Sales journey tracking
Milestone tracking
Tool-specific optimization


Reliance on keyboard commands
Customization complexity
May have steep learning curve
Requires manual task categorization
No natural language processing
Introduction process unmentioned
Limited integration descriptions
Usability for non-technical users unclear


What is Dart and how does it help with project management?
How does Dart use GPT-4 technology to improve project management?
What is the command center feature in Dart?
How does Dart help in the planning and management of tasks and projects?
Can Dart be customized according to team-specific workflows?
Does Dart allow collaboration across different team roles?
What popular tools does Dart integrate with?
What type of teams is Dart best suited for?
How much time can a team save on project management by using Dart?
Does Dart offer automation for mundane administrative tasks?
How does Dart work with email, Slack, GitHub, and Notion?
What kind of keyboard shortcuts does Dart offer?
What is Dart's role in the management of sprint cycles?
How does Dart help with team communication?
How can Dart assist when my team is stumped or blocked?
What kind of customization does Dart allow for my workspace?
How can Dart improve synergy within my team?
Can Dart help track progress against deadlines?
How can Dart help my sales, engineering, and management teams?
Where can I download Dart and get started?

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