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Improved construction project management.
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BuildKeeper is a construction management software designed for small to mid-sized construction businesses. It aims to simplify and streamline various aspects of construction projects with the help of AI-powered features.

The software offers tools for managing tasks, budgets, notes, and expenses, allowing construction businesses to increase their efficiency.With BuildKeeper, users can experience comprehensive capabilities that enhance construction project management.

The software emphasizes simplicity and affordability, making it accessible to smaller businesses with limited resources.By utilizing AI-powered features, BuildKeeper automates certain tasks and processes, enabling users to save time and reduce manual efforts.

This can lead to improved productivity and smoother project execution.Overall, BuildKeeper offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality that enables construction businesses to streamline their operations.

It provides a centralized platform for managing construction projects, making it easier to track progress, allocate resources, and stay organized.While specific pricing details are not mentioned in the provided text, BuildKeeper offers different plans tailored to the needs of different users, including a Starter plan, a Professional plan, and an Enterprise plan.

The software also supports customization options for users with specific requirements.In summary, BuildKeeper is a modern construction management software with AI-powered features that simplifies and streamlines tasks, budgets, notes, and expenses, ultimately boosting efficiency for small to mid-sized construction businesses.

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Jul 29, 2023
The construction software is user-friendly and affordable for small construction companies and remodelers.

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Pros and Cons


Designed for small to mid-sized businesses
Streamlines construction project tasks
Manages tasks, budgets, notes, expenses
User-friendly interface
Intuitive functionality
Centralized platform for project management
Automates certain tasks
Improves productivity
Supports multiple pricing plans
Enhanced communication with integration to messengers
Unified resource for document, contact, report management
Smart analytics for trend understanding
Automatic investor payment reminders
Tracks all costs
Overspend alerts
Easy estimation tool
Real-time data on material, labor costs (US Only)
Tidy and clear task management
Gantt Chart View
Overdue task tracking
Automated task and deadline alerts
Free access during public launch
Unlimited feature access


Pricing details vague
No dedicated mobile apps
No integration details
Usability for large businesses?
Lack of support details
Limited plan flexibility
Unclear data security measures
Handwritten recognition limitations


What is BuildKeeper?
How does BuildKeeper streamline construction project management?
Who is the target audience for BuildKeeper?
How does the AI feature in BuildKeeper improve project management?
What are the main features offered by BuildKeeper?
What does BuildKeeper offer for task management?
How does BuildKeeper assist with managing budgets?
What customization options does BuildKeeper offer?
What are the pricing plans for BuildKeeper?
How user-friendly is BuildKeeper?
What type of businesses can benefit from using BuildKeeper?
How does BuildKeeper automate tasks?
What types of analytics are provided by BuildKeeper?
How does BuildKeeper improve project execution?
Does BuildKeeper offer a demo?
Is there a mobile app for BuildKeeper?
How does BuildKeeper handle data security and backup?
In what ways can BuildKeeper increase efficiency for construction businesses?
How can BuildKeeper help track progress and allocate resources in construction projects?
How is BuildKeeper different from other construction management software?

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