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Simplified contract e-signing, management, & automation.
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Contractify is a contract management software that simplifies the process of e-signing, managing, and automating contracts online. It enables teams to collaborate effectively and offers various features tailored for legal teams, finance teams, and business leaders.

The software facilitates contract creation, negotiation, and digitization, as well as approval workflows and e-signing, with support for three types of electronic signatures.

It also provides post-signing management capabilities, including the extraction of critical data from contract PDFs through AI technology and the generation of contract timelines.

Contractify offers a user-friendly drafting assistant that combines AI technology with the user's expertise to create contracts effortlessly and automate legal drafting with customizable playbooks.

It allows collaboration with colleagues from various departments and offers an extensive library of standard business contract templates. The software supports digital signatures via integration with leading providers such as DocuSign and Connective, enabling users to sign contracts online securely and quickly.

It also streamlines approval processes with automated workflows and fosters collaborative engagement among internal and external stakeholders. Contractify's AI contract data analyst, named Ada, can extract contract data from PDFs and provide automated follow-up tasks for managing contracts effectively.

The software offers personalized demos and is praised by industry leaders for its intelligent contract management capabilities. Pricing starts at €147 per month, and the company provides customer support and has locations in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France.


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Contractify was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Simplified e-signing, management, automation
Special features for various teams
Contract creation, negotiation, digitization
Supports three types of e-signatures
Post-signing management capabilities
Critical data extraction from PDFs
Generates contract timelines
User-friendly drafting assistant
Customizable playbooks for automation
Extensive library of contract templates
Supports digital signatures via DocuSign
Secure and fast online signing
Streamlines approval with automated workflows
Enables internal and external collaboration
Automated follow-ups for contract management
Offers personalized demos
Approval workflows
Legally binding digital signatures
Integrated document versioning
Safe and secure environment
Effortless data extraction
Automated follow-up tasks
Clear contract timeline
Available in multiple languages


Might be expensive
Limit to three signature types
No mention of mobile compatibility
Limited third-party integration
No free version
Charges for data storage?
Limited language support
Limited location support
No 24/7 customer support


What is Contractify?
How does Contractify simplify the e-signing process?
Can Contractify be used for contract management and automation?
What specific features does Contractify offer for legal teams?
How does Contractify benefit finance teams?
How can business leaders make use of Contractify?
How does Contractify support the creation and negotiation of contracts?
What sort of approval workflows and e-signing support does Contractify provide?
How does Contractify leverage AI technology to extract key data from contract PDFs?
What is Ada and how does it contribute to Contractify's contract management capabilities?
How efficient is Contractify's drafting assistant in creating contracts?
How can I collaborate with team members using Contractify?
What kind of contract templates can I find in Contractify's library?
How secure is the digital signature process in Contractify?
Does Contractify offer integrations with any e-signature providers?
How do the automated workflows in Contractify streamline approval processes?
What benefits can I get from a personalized demo of Contractify?
How much does Contractify cost?
Where can I get customer support for Contractify?
Are there any notable companies or industry leaders that use Contractify?

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